Turbosound has developed a new loudspeaker bracket for the Impact series loudspeakers. The WB-5 adjustable wall bracket is now supplied as standard with all three new Impact series installation loudspeakers and has integral electrical connections built into it.

This solution allows the brackets to be sited, installed, and pre-wired by an electrical contractor, who need not have prior acoustics knowledge. The audio contractor simply has to push-fit the loudspeakers onto the brackets to complete the electrical circuit and angle the loudspeakers.

The Impact loudspeakers can also be easily installed using WB-10 wall brackets and CB-10 ceiling brackets, and are OmniMount™ compatible. All models include a 3/8” threaded mic stand insert for use in near field applications.

The 3.5” passive two-way Impact 35, Impact 55T 5” passive two-way, and dual 5” passive two-way Impact 65T are designed for a multitude of fixed install applications. And, with the addition of sub-bass reinforcement from the TSB-110 bass enclosure, Impact loudspeakers can also be used as primary sound reinforcement systems.

The cabinets are moulded from gas-injected, glass filled fire-retardant ABS plastic and they, as well as the WB-5 brackets, are paintable, allowing them to be décor-matched to any venue’s requirements. Outdoor venues are also well catered for by the IP54 weather resistant specification and include stainless steel grille and forward facing ports as standard on all models.

For the Impact 55T and Impact 65T models, line transformers are a standard feature allowing them to be integrated into larger 70-volt line or 100-volt line multi-zoned distributed systems. They offer multiple voltage taps for accurate level matching, as well as a convenient low impedance setting.

Weighing in at just 2.2kg, the ultra-compact Impact 35 features a reflex-loaded 3.5” LF driver and a 1” neodymium ferrofluid-cooled HF tweeter, matched with an internal passive crossover network.

Based around a 5” low frequency drive unit and a 1” neodymium ferrofluid- cooled tweeter, the compact Impact 55T is a passive 2-way loudspeaker design that uses an internal crossover to accurately match the drive units for a smooth frequency response.

Finally, the Impact 65T features a twin 5” low frequency driver complement plus two HF tweeters in a taller cabinet to provide increased SPL with deeper bass response that is ideally suited to house of worship settings.
With the ultra compact TSB-110 two-channel bandpass subwoofer, you can widen the low frequency response of any Impact loudspeakers. It is small enough to fit in confined spaces, and the dual-coil 10” woofer and passive crossover allows Impact satellite speakers to be easily connected without additional amplifiers.