Neutrik, will feature its Lighted EtherCon and assembly kit for the D-Series EtherCon connectors at LDI 2006 (Booth #449).

In addition to providing the components of Neutrik’s Shielded EtherCon, the Lighted EtherCon offers two light pipes for 3mm standard LEDs to indicate data transmission and status. The LEDs (typically mounted to a horizontal PC board) fit into an opening at the bottom of the light pipes; the light pipes transmit the light to the front panel.

“The light pipes on Neutrik’s Lighted EtherCon provide a conduit for getting status LEDs to the front of the chassis,” explains Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “By focusing that light, users get a visual indication of a secure connection, data transfer, link speed, etc.”

Neutrik also now offers an assembly kit for its D-Series EtherCon connectors to achieve a waterproof IP54 connection. The assembly kit will be featured at LDI 2006, October 20-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Booth #449).

The kit is suitable with all Neutrik EtherCon D-Series chassis connectors (NE8FD). An IP54 protection is achieved by simply replacing the frontplate and pushing lever with the kit components. Ideal for use in combination with Neutrik’s SE8FD kit, the NE8MC-1 was recently modified with a sealing gasket and weatherproof Collinox plating.

“Neutrik’s EtherCon Series is the optimal solution for pro audio, video and lighting network applications,” stated Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “Offering a rugged design, the Sealed EtherCon is perfectly suitable for panel mount and the installer market.”