With the introduction of the Mach CW 115, CW 215, CW 118 and CW 218–the last four subwoofers and the last speakers to be introduced in Mach’s new C-Range of installation speakers–all products in Mach’s C-Range are now on the market.

The CW series is a line of reflex loaded subwoofers that give a deep and fast bass output. They are constructed for heavy-duty use in professional environments with sturdy Baltic plywood cabinets and feature a SafeCoat coating to give extra strength.

Like all speakers in the Mach C-Range, the CW subwoofers are designed to fit unobtrusively into any install environment and feature the same flying point principles used on the C-Range top boxes. The have recessed handles and provide access to all serviceable parts. The new subwoofers feature improved excursion control and linearity and flexible connection in seconds with recessed NL4 Speakon terminal and barrier strip terminals.

The CW 115, 118, 215 and 218 match the CN and CM series from the Mach C-Range. All CW subwoofers have output with 4" voice coil and double spider assembly. CW 115 provides output through a single 15" woofer and is designed for small to medium-sized applications that require a clean bass reproduction. Designed for medium-sized applications, CW 215 has dual 15" woofers and CW 118 has a single 18" woofer. CW 218 has dual 18" woofers and is designed for large-sized applications.

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