The WMS 4500 microphone system from AKG can handle multiple users and multi-channel applications, and it is available in two new frequency bands: Band 7 (500-530MHz) and Band 8 (570-600MHz). The system's components—the SR4500 receiver unit, the PT4500 emitter, and the HT4500 handheld microphone unit—offer features updated from the preceding model.

The receiver unit features adjustable backlight settings, a factory reset, and improved presets. The new casing displays a stage black finish. The internal software features Auto Setup settings for inter-modulation free channel selection, Environment Scan settings for RF range scanning, and a Rehearsal Mode selection that can be used to save system data during rehearsal setup. Certain settings, such as squelch threshold, carrier frequency selection, and the listed user name, can be edited and stored.

The emitter has been redesigned to be more rugged, and its major electronic components—housed in the upper portion of the unit—are now encased in metal. The bottom portion also features a new battery casing. The bodypack accepts both microphone and line-level input signals and has an adjustable input sensitivity.

A lockable TA-3F mini-XLR attachment connects with a range of AKG headsets, lavalieres, instrument microphones, and instrument cables. The handheld transmitter features an improved metal casing and stage black finish. It allows for interchangeable microphone modules. The system can be integrated into a HiQnet™ system using the optional HUB 4000 Q.

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