Harman Professional’s HiQnet System Architect™ Version 1.9 is a free download that features upgrades including network troubleshooting tools, file compression and management, and advanced control panel customization. Control of the three models of the new Crown I-Tech HD Series and Crown XTi 6000 is possible via the device plug-ins in the new version, which support the configuration of the FIR filters and LevelMAX™ limiters included in the new touring amplifier.

The network troubleshooting tool actively monitors the network, alerts of any problems and, where possible, automatically resolves it or provides instructions on how to address the problem. In addition to providing realtime monitoring and alerts, the tool also creates a backup log of any IP address changes. A new compressed file format reduces file sizes, in test cases as high as a ratio of 100:1, while a new utility enables advanced users to expand and explore the contents of a saved file, edit individual custom panels in an XML editor, and update images offline.

The enhanced custom control panel design includes a more automated mechanism for creating controls and assigning them to system-wide parameters. Additional features include enhancements to the parameter address editor dialog; the ability to copy and paste just the visual elements of a control without copying any parameter assignments; new window management improvements; and a device arrange tool in the venue view for reordering a selection of devices by name, type, address, or brand.