US Pro Audio distributor, Group One Ltd., under the direction of president Jack Kelly is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with UK-based digital console manufacturer DiGiCo to distribute its products within the US and Puerto Rico. The agreement was signed January 14, 2008 and is retroactive beginning January 1, 2008.

“Looking back, the Group One decision seems so obvious but finding the right man with the drive, passion, and motivation for an expanding brand in a growing market was not an easy find,” says DiGiCo managing director, James Gordon. “From the very first meeting it seemed clear Jack [Kelly] possessed the drive and the experience to make this work. After the second meeting, there was no doubting his passion for the industry and the potential for DiGiCo. From that point, it was just a question of timing. Starting at the beginning of 2008 represents a perfect sync point for the DiGiCo team to combine with Group One to carry us into the New Year. Avoiding the usual cliché adjectives, I am confident this is going to really work!”

“I’ve known Jack since 1980,” adds David Webster, DiGiCo marketing director. “I was working at Klark Teknik as a test engineer and he became part of the organization, handling their US distribution. Even at that point, I noticed how many more boxes started going out of the door as soon as he became involved. It meant I had to work harder, but the rewards were certainly worth it.

“DiGiCo has developed a strong brand in the US,” Webster continues. “Combining this, the established DiGiCo US team, and the distribution know-how of Group One, gives us the ideal marriage to further strengthen our position and fully implement the extensive plans we have for the not too distant future. Jack has proved himself time and time again in the intervening years with high-end professional products and I’m very much looking forward to working with him again.”

"Working with James and Dave over the last few months,” sums Group One president, Jack Kelly, “I was committed to putting this agreement together the right way—for the long term and for the benefit of all of DiGiCo's current and future customers. I feel we have achieved that and I'm incredibly positive about our relationship and our prospects for continuing to build the DiGiCo brand in the US. I look forward to working with Allan Nichols (sales manager), Taidus Vallandi (technical sales), and Amy Vallandi (sales and service support)—all of who will join the Group One team. This group of DiGiCo employees is held in very high regard from the audio community for their dedication and knowledge and I am proud to have them become part of Group One."