Rational Acoustics Noise StickTM is a phantom-powered pink noise generator that requires no batteries and no configuration. It has no power switch and is operated via plugging the unit into a phantom-powered microphone input. The unit is hand-built in the United States exclusively for Rational Acoustics by PMP Audio Works. Additional features include hand-matched transistors, 1% tolerance resistors, and a Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR) random number generator that provides a pseudorandom signal without any obvious audible repeats. The output of the random number generator drives a hand-tuned filter bank that delivers a pink spectrum that is nominally flat within +/- 0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz on a fractional-octave analyzer. The frequency response and output level for each unit is tested at both the beginning and end of the burn-in process to ensure that both criteria perform over time without variation. The stick’s housing is milled from a solid piece of aluminum rod to yield a thick walled tube, and the entire unit is filled with epoxy after assembly to protect the electronics from shock and increase its crush strength. The unit is warranted for three years.