City Theatrical (CTI) has completed its first-ever 16 universe test of wireless DMX documented under real world conditions. Using CTI’s wireless technology, SHoW DMX (Synchronized Hopping of Wireless DMX), CTI created an outdoor testing facility in which the data fidelity of the wireless DMX could be monitored and measured. The SHoW DMX 16 Universe Saturation Test Report is now online along with CTI’s original wireless DMX lab report which was conducted under laboratory conditions.

CTI president Gary Fails comments, “Our testing has allowed us to confirm for the first time what the data fidelity levels are in a very saturated radio environment. In a range of tests at a distance of over 700’/213m at optimum power output settings, the maximum packet loss was in the low 20% range with many universes showing packet loss in the 10% range. Packet loss in the low 20% range has a minimal effect on performance of moving lights, although it may be occasionally noticeable. You may not ever operate 16 full universes of SHoW DMX, but our testing proves you can, and of course if you operate less than 16 universes your data fidelity will be even better.”

According to CTI, ShoW DMX achieved perfect data transmission in its laboratory tests, with no dropped or fragmented packets in any tests, and also achieved error free data transmission with no dropped or fragmented packets in a one universe baseline test as part of this 16 universe outdoor testing.