The first edition of projectiondesign's upgraded ProNet 2.0 scalable network asset management software, designed for managing an unlimited number of projectors from a single site, using standard TCP/IP or RS232 communication, is now available. It includes tools for accurate color calibration, efficient network-based management, and pixel-perfect blending and geometry correction when used with the company's Multi-image Processing System™ (MIPS™). The software is compatible with the entire range of projectiondesign projectors and MIPS™ processors and includes management features that maximize their use and minimize downtime. ProNet 2.0 is available in the several configurations. ProNet.enterprise is for projector management across multiple sites and manages and consolidates reporting from an unlimited number of licensed projector installations. ProNet.calibrator is an add-on to the suite and designed to simplify projector calibration to imaging standards such as REC.709 and DCI, and make it easier to perform color- and gain-matching across multiple projectors used in applications such as simulator or dome. ProNet.MIPS is a set-up tool for the MIPS processor. It is a single interface that provides access to all MIPS features and enables pixel-perfect setup of projected images on any surface or in any configuration. It also asset manages any number of MIPS processors and projectors. is appropriate for managing several projectors in a single location or in complex multi-channel installations such as domes and simulators, where periodic maintenance and monitoring can be a challenge. It features configurable scripting and management tools, as well as a reporting tool to the centralized ProNet.enterprise.