Marcel DeKeyzer, president of XL Video® , is pleased to announce the new XL LED Lab in New York City. Located in SoHo, DeKeyzer wants designers and architects to consider the XL Lab as a working space that highlights the latest products for video and digital lighting.

This unique lab has over 40 separate installations of the leading LED video products from a range of top manufacturers, all of which can be used for both entertainment and architectural projects. “We hope to offer designers—set designers, lighting designers, architects, interior designers, trade show designers, environment designers, etc—an opportunity to get educated about all the creative LED video products that exist, how to work with them, and how to integrate them into their designs,” says DeKeyzer. “We are also providing an opportunity to actually see all these LED video products working in full scale installations which is important with these visual products.”

DeKeyzer wants people to also see the XL LED Lab as “a venue where production companies, exhibit companies, design companies, etc can bring their clients. Letting designers have a chance to educate clients on the products and demonstrate how they would like to integrate them into their designs.” The XL Lab offers a number of different LED-based video and digital lighting products from a range of manufacturers, thus allowing the customer to see them working, side by side, and be able to choose the right tool for their project. “We see this as a unique showcase, an environment for creativity and to work hands-on with the many available LED video products, really allowing people to explore all the different possible applications,” he says.

According to DeKeyzer, the idea for this lab came about in order to give designers an easier way to see all that is available to them. “The lab came out of a realization that many designers are too busy to go to tradeshows and stay educated about the fast developing market of LED video products. Also doing demonstrations for one product at a time in various cities is simply not efficient. What they needed is a space in the ‘capital of the world of design’ where they can walk in, almost 24/7 to see all the current products at work.”

DeKeyzer has carefully thought through how best designers can experience the XL Lab. “On the first visit, designers will get a presentation showing the use of the most creative LED video products. They can visit each of the product installations in the lab. Each installation has custom content created for that particular installation. If the designer so desires, we would also offer an explanation of various media servers and how they can be used to drive installations that are built out of many different technologies, as well as a discussion about content creation and interactive video installations. At this or subsequent visits there could be brainstorming sessions as well as consulting by XL LED Lab on integrating LEDs in their designs, recommending technologies, or solutions. The list is pretty endless of the services we can provide and the ways that designers can use the lab.”

Visits to the XL LED Lab are arranged on an appointment basis. To setup your visit, please email Meghan Campbell at: