Oerlikon Optics announces the launch of the WhisperWheel™ Mini. The new, compact, high performance ColorWheel™ for DLP® projectors uses a small air-bearing motor jointly developed with Copal Electronics.

WhisperWheel Mini is the ideal option for DLP projectors, which require compact ColorWheel with long lifetime and large optical clear apertures. WhisperWheel Mini is also suited to the very latest color technologies with operating speed up to 14400 rpm and up to 55 mm diameter.

New features include:

  • >15% increase in optical clear aperture for brighter images
  • Material removal balancing for greater lifetime and stability
  • Lower process and motor cost
  • Manufactured with high precision, state-of-the-art equipment and resources i

Also incorporating all of the features of a standard WhisperWheel™ including:

  • Patented (US pat.5,292,417) sputtering technology
  • Dedicated process to handle motors for maximum yield

Total Quality Control system for sound pressure level, balancing, and filter performance