I'm an underwater cameraflyer. We produce ambient video content for public venues: very relaxing, beautiful celebrations of nature and the miracle of life on planet Earth that is used as both pre- and post-show projection material for theatre, public areas, churches, events, and the list goes on.

Underwater video, even for a non-diver, is an inspiring natural sight. A chance to catch a glimpse of colors and textures that can only be found in coral or in species of fish found living about the reefs. Divers and non-divers engage in instant conversations about the ocean's magic.

All content is shot with DVCPRO-HD for the precision 4:2:2 color. We use wide-angle camera optics with optically neutral dome to insures the best image capture. The studio is Apple based with 23" and 30" Cinema Displays, ProDigital and 16-bit ProAnalog video card, and 2.5 TB Ciprico RAID. With this house power we can accommodate rapid turn-times for clients except on Saturdays, which are reserved for instructing students of Advanced Editing and Compositing at the College of Southern Nevada's video arts lab.

We have waited a long time to take HD under the sea. I'm delighted to say it can be done with no moving parts, and we're proud to offer it directly to producers or through our library partner ThoughtEquity.com


Paul Dymon Films
Las Vegas, NV