Projected Image Digital (PID) will showcase several of the high profile brands it regularly specifies and uses, including the latest Catalyst digital media servers and Element Labs’ dynamic ‘Versa’ LED range.

PID will also be illustrating the many application and installation projects it has been involved this year, supplying both hardware and bespoke video content, specifically in the bar, club, and casino sectors. All these have seen a significant increase in activity over the last 12 months.

Catalyst v4
The Catalyst Pro v4 Media Server is the latest version from this range, enabling the creation of virtual scenery, backgrounds, and wallpaper with up to 10 layers of digital media, plus the flexibility of real time rendered visual effects. Catalyst v4 Media can be operated via a MIDI keyboard/control device or in standalone mode, using the on-board cue list, offering double the impact with two independent signals to two outputs.

This is another control software option, particularly appropriate for LED panels and curtains. It is a user-friendly, pixel-mapping PC-based system available through PID.

Versa Range
As the UK partner of Element Labs, PID has a selection of all their current range of products including Versa Tubes, Versa Tiles, and Versa Pixels.

Versa Tube is a linear LED effect tube that can produce fabulous moving color patterns. Using live video signal for control, Versa Tube delivers countless different looks from vibrant, high contrast chase patterns to liquid flowing motions. LED technology ensures a rich range of beautiful colours, and a special diffusing lens provides even light output and durability. Tubes can be built into any layout, and coordinated effects run throughout.

PID recently supplied and installed Tubes for highly effective lighting features at the Hard Rock Café in Barcelona and Gala Casinos in London and Leicester, and also for the brand new waterfront O2 HQ in Dublin.

Versa Tiles are edge-lit LED tiles, similar to building blocks, and produce a broad spectrum of saturated colors plus excellent flesh tones, browns, and grays with exceptionally smooth light output. Tiles can be placed together in any configuration. For control, each single Versa Tile represents one pixel on a computer screen, so what you see onscreen is what you get across the Versa Tiles, whether it’s video or still images.

Content can be created using any graphics program or adapted from stock imagery. Versa Tile is currently available in two versions, for rental applications and permanent installations, either the 50cm x 50cm 25 tile or the 1m x 1m 100 tile. Recent installations include the Gala Casino, Leicester, and the first UK club installation at The Bridge – Oxford’s most popular night venue.

Versa Pixel is the latest in the Versa range, comprising individual LED pixels with distributed architecture; giving designers and architects complete freedom to choose their overall pixel shape and placement, including the creation of intricate 3D arrangements.

The first UK VersaPixel installation, over 3,000 point sources of light ensconced into an gently curved ceiling, has just been commissioned by PID at the Grosvenor Casino in Manchester, England for Cadmium Design.

PLASA 2006 sees the launch of some new training initiatives from PID, introducing people to new technologies and PID-supported products, including Catalyst, PixelMad, and the Element Labs range. These will run concurrent to the existing High End WholeHog console courses.

New Faces
PLASA 2006 will also introduce some new PID faces who’ve joined the expanding team over the summer.

Noel Brassey is developing the architectural and installation side of the business. He has 25 years experience in industrial and commercial lighting, and has worked with LED technology since it first burst on the commercial scene six years ago.

Lighting and IT expert Neville Bull joins as digital service manager and is responsible for the Catalyst and PixelMad side of the business. Bull has previously worked at Vari*Lite among others.

Rob Smith comes onboard as applications engineer for PID’s active installation department. He studied lighting design at Rose Bruford College before joining the PID team, where he’s overseeing the company’s busy installation schedule.

PID has also just been elevated to full Apple reseller status.