Main Light Industries, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware, announced last week the release of the new Soft-LED™/Scrim see-through RGB LED scrim. Soft-LED™/Scrim incorporates the same reliable Color Kinetics Chromasic™ LED node and drive technology utilized in the SoftLED™ and HardLED™ products, but instead are attached to an indoor/outdoor heavy-duty mesh scrim to support the LED nodes and cabling. The mesh and nodes appear transparent in normal production use, allowing lighting, scenic and projection elements to be visible behind the scrim. The Main Light Soft-LED™/Scrim folds and travels with the same ease at the SoftLED™ curtain, and Soft-LED™/Scrim systems specifically packaged for theatre, touring and outdoor applications will be available.

Aidas Gimbutas, President of Main Light Industries said, "Our Soft-LED™ and HardLED™ products enabled entirely new design possibilities through advanced control of colored LEDs, and the new SoftLED™/Scrim adds yet another dimension to the visual designer’s palette."