Element Labs, Inc has announced the release of Stealth™ 2.5 with several improvements over its predecessor, most notably: enhanced rigging options and a flatter viewing surface.

After a dramatic debut on Madonna’s Confessions Tour in 2006, the Stealth system quickly became the industry standard for lightweight, portable video displays. The Stealth display has proven itself in applications throughout the world from concerts, architectural installations, special events, and more.

The Stealth 2.5 system maintains the benefits of the original: low profile for virtual transparency; fan-fold capability for rapid deployment and transportation; and support of standard video formats for optimal ease-of-use. Plus, Stealth 2.5 displays feature improved mounting hardware optimized for touring applications and temporary installations.

A new snap hinge system provides greater flexibility to reconfigure displays while allowing for uncomplicated fan folding into road cases. Each panel now has its own independent hinge that can be easily connected to adjacent panels. Simply snap together panels to construct large screens. This new hinge system also contributes to more consistent, stable screen geometry.

Another new option, a rigid frame, supports hidden cabling. It holds panels in a one panel wide by five-panel long (1x5) configuration. The 1x5 offers a clean, uncluttered appearance. Screens created using the new frame are easily disassembled into modules and stacked for transportation.

“We’ve refined the Stealth system even further to continue to meet the high demands of touring and the unique requirements of architectural installations,” says Rich Pierceall, director of sales and marketing for Element Labs. “Flexibility and rapid deployment are always critical and that’s what we deliver with this new mounting hardware.”

Stealth 2.5, with a much flatter LED plane, displays incredibly smooth video that remains consistent—regardless of the angle at which the panel is viewed.

“This is particularly important in applications where the viewer comes in close proximity to the screen,” says Pierceall.

Stealth panels, rigging, and cabling are all available in both black and white. Due to the popularity of the product, until recently demand has exceeded production. With Stealth 2.5, Element Labs has boosted production of Stealth to meet increased market demand.