Barco announces that rental partner Creative Technology has selected Barco's new MiTRIX as the centerpiece of the General Motor's booth at the 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

On a raised stage that served as the booth's focal point, a circular wall of MiTRIX modules, over 15' in height, was used to display graphics, video content, and corporate logos during the company's opening press conference. During the event's most visually dramatic moment, the MiTRIX wall rotated to reveal GM's new E-Flex concept car within. This rotation also revealed that the MiTRIX modules adorned both the inside and outside fascia of the structure.

What distinguishes the MiTRIX module from other Barco LED products is that each module is semi-transparent, with a self-supporting central backbone, and no special rental structure is required. Based on Barco's proven OLite platform, each high-resolution module sports a 24mm pixel pitch, an extremely small size (384x192mm), and light weight (1kg). In addition to their use as traditional stage backdrops, the MiTRIX "transparent" concept will enable the modules to be used as highly creative scenic elements which can be placed anywhere on stage - without restriction.

Dana Corey, director of marketing for Barco's Media & Entertainment division, North America, commented on the MiTRIX debut. "We're honored that rental partner Creative Technology selected our new MiTRIX modules to showcase GM's ground-breaking introduction," said Corey. "Traditionally, the partners and designers in the industry have used our products with remarkable imagination, and now with MiTRIX and its transparent design, we're looking forward to an entire new realm of creativity."

The 2007 NAIAS runs through January 21 at Detroit's Cobo Conference and Exhibition Center. For full details visit