Pandoras Box Version 3.5


Pandoras Box Version 3.5 includes an XML-based-type library for DMX, serial and IP output devices, and offline preview for remote clients in the MediaManager. Multi-selection of devices and layers is a new feature, and groups are based on selection. A live text resource is included, and an external remote RS-232/422 or IP sequence control is now possible. Clips can be set to lock to timeline, and all playback products have additional layers: MediaPlayer now has 6/9/12 layers, and MediaServer has 12/18/30/48 layers. MediaMatrix also now includes a new visual patcher that makes patching of DMX channels easier.

Helix G75 and H75

Element Labs

Helix is a line of flexible LED video screens that can bend, wrap, drape, and fold to conform to unusual designs. Both Helix G75 and Helix H75 offer a pixel pitch of 75mm and carry significant IP ratings. The G75's ultra-thin grid construction provides a curtain-like screen with the geometric stability of a rigid product. Modules, each 4×32 pixels, can link together to create large displays. The weather-resistant design (IP-65) makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The transparent unit is available in black and clear. Two rigging options include a linked version, which allows a screen to be top-hung for temporary install. A cabled version allows a screen to be tensioned for permanent install. The H75 is daylight-visible and fully submersible, with an IP-68 rating. It incorporates individually lensed red, green, and blue LEDs, and multiple modules can be connected. A synthetic-fabric structural system gives the H75 a cargo-net-like flexibility. Both screens roll up for shipping.

MAPP Online Pro 2.7

Meyer Sound

Version 2.7 MAPP Online Pro acoustical-prediction software incorporates a number of improvements to functionality, user interface, and speed, and it adds data for the UPJunior ultracompact Vario loudspeaker and the Stella-4 installation loudspeaker for Constellation electroacoustic architecture. Among the features added are an augmented ability to build ground-stacked arrays, a solo feature similar to that found in the company's RMS remote-monitoring system, and expanded loudspeaker system options. Improvements have also been made in the user interface to increase visibility of crucial information and enhance access to key functions. The new Device Configuration window enables users to maintain greater organization of their system by assigning a unique address to each of three virtual microphone switchers and five system processors. The update also adds controls found in the System Map of the Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker-management system, including gain, delay, polarity, and mute. Additionally, prediction calculations have been accelerated.

DMX/RDM Splitters


The RDS range of RDM/DMX splitters comprises the RDS4, a 1-in, 4-out standalone/truss-mount splitter, and the RDS8, a 1-in, 8-out rackmount splitter. Both are DMX-compatible and offer support for RDM-enabled consoles and fixtures, with isolation up to 1,500V between every input and output port. RDM allows bi-directional communication between control equipment, such as consoles and software, and RDM-enabled fixtures, such as moving lights and LED fixtures. The splitters pass RDM information between consoles and fixtures, allowing such features as remote addressing, reporting of lamp hours, etc., to be used while still offering the benefits of full isolation on all outputs. The range also includes an RDM Filter option to remove all RDM packets, allowing older DMX equipment to be connected on the same DMX network without these unwanted effects. A bypass option skips all processing, allowing the RDS to operate as a standard DMX splitter would.


High End Systems

Showgun is a larger-than-normal automated light that can project images, change and mix dichroic colors, and switch from hard-edge to soft-edge. An LED Tracking System forms a circle around the lens. The main output uses a 2,000W, short-arc metal halide lamp, designed as a joint venture between Philips and High End Systems. The new MSR 2000SA Gold lamp uses a fast-fit socket design that allows for a more compact reflector combination. The fixture outputs more than 100,000 lumens. The LED Tracking System (5,000 lumens) is a mixed RGB LED circular array that allows matching of the color of the main output beam or projection of a complementary color by mixing RGB values. A new, patent-pending optical design incorporates a proprietary, optically accurate polymer micro-Fresnel lens, allowing a focused hard-edge or a soft-edge beam combination without the need for two separate fixtures.

Le Cin'k

Robert Julia

Le Cin'k is a range of 250mm Fresnel lens spotlights that provide modular solutions based around the common component of a removable lamp compartment with interchangeable lamp base. A single lamp housing can accept any of four kinds of lamp bases, accommodating 2,500W or 5,000W tungsten lamps, as well as 1,200W or 2,500W discharge lamps. The power cable connects directly into the rear handle where the terminal is located for easy access during maintenance. There is also a scale pointer and a yoke index for rapid recall of settings. The unit also offers the option of a silent cooling fan that focuses on the accessory slot.

Ethercon For Cat-6


The EtherCon Series for Cat-6 cables offers a rugged patch-cable solution that includes a metal housing for RJ-45 cable connectors to protect the connector against mechanical load. It is equipped with Neutrik's chuck-type strain relief with a separate push-pull locking mechanism to avoid accidental unplugging. The cable solution is available in custom lengths, and the receptacle will accept a standard RJ-45 cable end in addition to the EtherCon patch cable. The system was developed to meet the rising requirements of data volume, transfer rate, and bandwidth. It is suitable for Ethernet applications, especially in demanding environments, such as live stage production, DMX lighting, outdoor Internet access, and industrial Ethernet.

Smart 8 and Sentinel Chain Hoist Controllers


Smart 8 expands on the existing Power 8 product, offering full positioning facilities built into a standard hoist controller. It allows fixed-speed encoded hoists to be programmed and controlled from a single unit, so controllers can be located near the motors. It comes in low-voltage and direct-control versions and accepts both traditional pulse encoders and incremental encoders. Cues can be programmed directly into the Smart 8 using its graphical LCD and jog wheel interface, or they can be downloaded from Kinesys' K2 or Vector software packages. Cues can be triggered either from the controller, from another connected unit, or via DMX. The Sentinel range is fully compliant with the BGV C1 specification for chain hoists and is designed for use with the BGV C1-compliant variants of CM Lodestar motors. Sentinel 8-M is an 8-channel, manual-control, entry-level unit. All controllers can be connected together for use in larger systems and operated either from their front panel controls, from a remote Go button, or via a handheld pendant with an intuitive graphical user interface and full motor feedback.

WireLUX Audio Cables


WireLUX audio cables are available in five variations. MusiLUX microphone cable has one pair of 22 AWG (30×36) BC connectors, 0.015" PE color-coded insulation, 22 AWG BC drain wire, and 0.0029" UFPVC satin-finish jacket. InstaLUX is a color-coded installation cable featuring a smaller diameter and fast termination. It is designed with one pair of 24 AWG (7×32) TC conductors, 0.01" PVC color-coded insulation, 24 AWG (7×32) TC drain wire, and 0.016" UFPVC satin-jacket finish. StudiLUX is a fast-strip, multichannel interconnection cable that contains four or eight color-coded InstaLUX cables in a 0.05" UFPV black-satin-finish jacket. UltraLUX is a multi-pair interconnect cable that features oxygen-free bare copper conductors and is designed with an ultra-flexible UFPVC black-satin jacket in four, eight, 12, and 16 channels (26 AWG, 30×40), each featuring a numbered jacket. It also offers 0.01" XLPE insulation and 99% spiral-shield (96×38) OFBC with 26 AWG (7×34) OFTC drain wire. SpeakerLUX is a loudspeaker cable with 49-strand 13 AWG conductors, UFPV black-satin finish, and a pressure-extruded jacket that produces a lay-flat cable and eliminates the need for inconvenient plastic or string fillers. It is available in two, four, six, and eight 13 AWG (49×30) BC conductors and 0.028" color-coded insulation.

Canvix Matrix Server Version 1

Visual Productions

Canvix Matrix Server is professional matrix lighting control software that can be used to control any type of lights arranged in a matrix layout. With a touchscreen-compatible, intuitive user interface, the software emulates the control elements commonly seen in consoles. With the DMX input, it can connect to a console to work as a fully functional Matrix plug-in. The scheduler allows Canvix to be used not only for live applications, but also for architectural installations. A virtual onscreen keyboard is now available for touchscreen-only applications.

DSV-J2 Player

Doremei Labs

The DSV-J2 is an HD video, 3D, stereoscopic 2K and 4K playback device designed for large-screen and special-venue applications. It supports playback of MPEG-2 and JPEG 2000 MXF files at resolutions up to 4K and supports playback in high definition (1920×1080), 2K (2048×1080), and optional 4K (4096×2160). Three-dimensional playback is supported in HD and 2K resolutions. Super-widescreen playback (stereoscopic) is achieved by sending a unique SDI stream to each of two projectors. The player provides frame-accurate LTC timecode output to synchronize external equipment and up to eight channels of high-quality, uncompressed audio (48kHz, 24-bit) via balanced digital AES/EBU or optional analog audio. Additional features include a front panel touchscreen display, RAID 5 storage, and dual-redundant power supplies. Intuitive playlist software with file playback scheduling is included. 4K resolution playback is made possible by pairing the unit with Doremi Labs' MB-4K media block processor.

LC Series


The LC Series is a semi-transparent, RGB modular LED panel system (44mm pixel pitch) suitable for displaying film, digital images, and graphics in stage, TV, and commercial applications. The panels can move through a range of intensity, from a solid wall of images or colors to near-invisibility. The image appears seamless at about 30m, and the elliptical pixel design offers a very wide viewing angle of 100°. Brightness is at 1,800NITs (1,800cd/m2). The panels are particularly suited to video and TV applications, incorporating Genlock to prevent light-flicker. The series offers direct I/O DVI connections for video signal and daisy-chain capability of up to six units. No external power supplies or drivers are used. The series mounts using industry-standard truss, and each unit contains a switch-mode power supply that covers worldwide voltages. The modules are available in 2×1m or 1×1m sizes.



The E-Clubspot uses the Ushio 350W EmARC lamp and features a 5,400°K color temperature. This followspot is suited to clubs, houses of worship, schools, small theatres, and corporate events. Features include an internal, six-color boomerang, horizontal trim shutters, nichrome heavy-duty iris, variable focal length optics, and a gobo slot. Cooling is accomplished via two quiet DC fans. A line cord terminates in a NEMA-5-15P. Current draw at 120V is less than 5A. The fixture comes with a three-legged floor stand with locking casters. Photometrics read 375 footcandles at 80' with a beam diameter of 16"minimum and 7.2' as a small spot. The unit can flood to 11.6' at 80, with an 11.6' diameter at 66 footcandles. The fixture is available in 120V and 230V versions.

EWDMX System


The EWDMX system comprises a transmitter and one or more receivers for a wireless DMX control system that eliminates DMX cables up to 3,000'. The EWDMXT wireless transmitter connects to a DMX-512 controller via 3-pin or 5-pin XLR plugs. It sends all DMX data from the controller to the EWDMXR wireless receiver, which can be linked via XLR directly into the first light fixture in the DMX daisy-chain. One EWDMXT transmitter can be used with up to 1,000 EWDMXR receivers. The Adaptive Frequency-Hopping Technology (FHSS) maintains a clear, robust DMX signal, as the system changes frequencies up to 1,000 times per second, jumping to channels that are not in use by other wireless systems or products on the 2.45GHz band. The transmitter and receiver come with mounting brackets, safety cables, and a 120V power supply.

BP-2 Beam Projector


The outdoor BP-2 beam projector is based on the BP-2 projector designed for theatre applications. This version is IP-65-rated and features all of the original's light characteristics. Built of aluminum with stainless-steel fasteners, the fixture can be lamped with an 800W tungsten or 150W discharge source. It produces an intense soft edge, narrow 10° beam. It also features variable-focusing capabilities.

AT Truss Series Cases


The AT Truss Series includes three cases for straight truss (designed to fit both square and triangular trussing) and two cases for holding union junction blocks. Each bag features PVC plastic ridges on the bottom and ends to hold the trussing securely in place, while protecting the rugged fabric of the cases from damage. The bags close via zipper and feature carrying straps and a zippered end pouch for connection hardware. Designed to fit trusses from all major manufacturers, the five models vary to fit from 1m of square or triangular straight-truss segments up to two UJB truss blocks with width and height of 11 7/16“.

ProTour PT-10

Daktronics ProTour

The ProTour® PT-10 modular LED panel features 10mm line spacing and a new, high-bright 3-in-1 SMD (surface-mount device) LED to provide a high contrast ratio for blacker blacks and better shadow detail. A unique louver design, developed to accommodate creative configurations, provides an enhanced viewing angle, free of color shift. The panel also includes additional weather-proofing features. Capable of displaying images in 4.4 trillion colors, the redundant panel-to-panel signal optimizes system reliability, while display diagnostics provide active monitoring of display operation and troubleshooting support.

Tiny F07

Look Solutions

Tiny-Fogger 2007, or Tiny F07, is the tiniest fog generator in the world, according to Look Solutions. Its palm-sized dimensions enable it to be incorporated into costumes, props, and scenery for use in special-effects applications, theatre, and film. The design and some components differ from its predecessor, the Tiny-Fogger. The new product features a higher-quality pump and more rugged vaporizer. The PCB is now sealed in an enclosure so fog can't back up into the machine, potentially causing a malfunction. It also has a momentary fog switch and a sleep mode. It operates with a smaller, lighter lithium battery half the size of the former lead-acid battery. A programmable microprocessor controls fog emission, allowing continuous fog output via battery for 10 minutes. Programming a fixed fog amount is done directly at the machine and can be easily reproduced or changed. It can also be triggered with a supplied cable remote or optionally with a radio remote, DMX converter, or timer. The package includes the fog generator, fluid tank, battery, 250ml of fluid, charger, carrying case, and cable remote.

Lightning 30-1080p and 40-1080p


The Lightning 30-1080p and Lightning 40-1080p projectors mark the launch of the Pro Series II for large venues and applications. The new 1080p series uses Texas Instruments' latest 10-micron, 1920×1080 DMDs, providing a more efficient path to native 1080p resolution. New features of the series include Hyper-Cooled Xenon lamphouse and DirectFlow DMD and optics-cooling technology. Maximum source connectivity and accurate image resizing is provided through NextGen electronics, equipped with both Genum and Pixelworks chipsets. DP's ColorMax seven-point colorimetry provides a broad color gamut, with precise color calibration and highly stable white-point definition. Additional features include the RapidRig staging system for a self-stacking and flying frame featuring tool-less pitch, roll, and yaw adjustments. The lens options have changed, offered at roughly half the price of the lenses for the projectors' predecessors, while providing more vertical and horizontal lens shift and improved geometry, contrast, and pixel definition. The lenses can be used on all of the company's sx+ and 1080p Pro Series II projectors.

Engineered Sound ES945 and ES947


As part of the recent advancements to the Engineered Sound® line, Audio-Technica has updated the ES945 omnidirectional condenser and ES947 cardioid condenser “button” boundary microphones for applications such as conferences, houses of worship, theatre, and other demanding sound pickup applications. Employing proprietary UniGuard® technology, both models offer immunity to radio frequency interference (RFI), making them suitable for operation in environments congested with portable communications devices. The ES945, a wide-range condenser microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern, has a frequency response of 40 to 18kHz and accepts a maximum input sound level of 142dB SPL. The ES947, a wide-range condenser microphone with a unidirectional polar patter, has a frequency response of 40 to 12kHz and can accept a maximum input sound level of 142dB SPL. Both models feature a heavy-duty, die-cast case while a two-layer steel-mesh grille adds additional protection. They are also RoHS-compliant.



ChromaFlood200 TriColor (TC) features 66 tri-color LEDs with a maximum power consumption of 200W and elimination of multicolored point sources and multicolored shadows. Sixty-six LEDs — 22 1W red, 22 3W green, and 22 3W blue — are powered directly from 100 to 240V AC. Features include full remote DMX control of RGB levels to allow unlimited color mixing, LCD menu system for quick fixture configuration, and internal sequences for operation without a separate control system. The units are available in 8°, 25°, 45°, or 12×25° beam angles, with optional interchangeable lenses also available. Expected life is 25,000 hours at full power (100,000 hours when dimmed or color-changing). The unit is also IP65-rated.