Aqua Visual FX

Aqua Visual FX Inc.

From Pyrotek Special Effects Inc. and Laser Design Productions Inc., Aqua Visual FX is a water screen that creates a waterfall billboard to exhibit custom-animated graphics, shapes, and text images through a programmed sequence of water droplets. The system comprises three major components: a water-management system that controls water cycling and programming automation through optical control sensors; a central computer system that manages to store and program custom show sequences and images to correspond to the user's creative needs and applications; and a series of intelligent droplet controllers that will pixilate the flowing streams of water. The water-management system includes automatic and manual optical control sensors that allow complete water cycling and creative programming automation. The water modules are manufactured in 6' lengths with the ability to interconnect to produce custom water screen lengths (12', 24', 36', and 48'). Additional 2' sections can be designed for custom-tailored requirements. Aqua FX also provides a projection surface to choreograph custom laser designs and Brash 3-D multimedia images.

Pronto Wireless

Levy Lighting NYC

Pronto Wireless battery-powered LED fixtures last six to ten hours and can be programmed to change colors or remain one color, including white. Programming can be done in advance or onsite. Designed for events, the units incorporate RGB color changing and are wirelessly controlled by DMX or handheld remote. No plugs are necessary to power or control the units, and they are not based on wireless DMX. A smaller unit in the range is suited for integration into tabletop displays, floral designs, globes, and custom enclosures, while the larger unit can be used to saturate walls, illuminate furniture, or color larger event spaces, up to 2,000sq-ft.

Split IT


The Split IT (opto-splitter) is a 1-in, 8-out, RDM/DMX optically isolated splitter/repeater for use with Wybron's InfoTrace control and management system. It allows InfoTrace users to run any DMX-controlled lighting devices, such as color changers, moving lights, conventional lights, and dousers on the system, allowing easier installations and remote maintenance and repair. It can communicate with any product that uses the RDM protocol over DMX lines.

Accu Spot 575

American DJ

Accu Spot 575 features a full-functioning iris, two gobo wheels, color wheel, prism wheel, automatic X/Y repositioning, and motor-driven focus. Illuminated by a 575W Philips MSR-575/2 lamp, the 16-channel unit includes a color wheel that produces eight dichroic colors, plus white. The two separate gobo wheels offer 27mm gobos (six static on one wheel and seven rotating on the other), all of which are interchangeable. Features include RDMX remote DMX addressing, indexable gobos, gobo shake function, a three-prism wheel (with three-facet, five-facet, and trapezoid prisms), a shutter with a pulse effect, variable strobe ranging from one to 12 flashes per second, and 0 to 100% dimming. The digital display menu's navigation system includes a four-button menu system, one each for scrolling forward and backward, selecting a function, and menus. The unit comes with built-in internal programs, so it can also run without a controller in sound-active mode or linked in multiples master/slave.

Littlebig 3.0

ZAP Technology/Martin Professional

Martin Professional has added the Littlebig 3 high-powered, 3kW Xenon, single-arm moving head to its BigLite product line. The unit offers real-time CMY color mixing, diffusion with electronic strobe, and other customizable effects. The 3kW Xenon short-arc bulb combines with a custom cold mirror reflector to produce a bright beam. An onboard cooling system provides for a bulb life of 1,500 hours. Fully protected by a fiber-composite shell, the fixture is the fastest automated projector on the market, according to Martin, running its full 630° pan in less than one second. Maintenance is accomplished through a variety of access modules, and a menu is included on the fixture and the ballast. Martin Professional Inc. is the exclusive distributor in North America for the BigLite product series.


Times Square Lighting

The C4T6 is a theatrical-style unit available in either 120V or 277V. It is designed to accept T6 metal halide lamps in 39W or 70W and can be ordered with either a spot or flood reflector. Features include four-way locking barndoors and an external accessory holder that accepts louvers and a variety of filters. Custom colors are available.

MSR Gold 700 FastFit, Hi-Brite 750 FastFit


Philips has expanded its FastFit product range with the MSR Gold 700 FastFit and Hi-Brite 750 FastFit. This rear-loading lamp base system was co-developed with Bender & Wirth to be a fast lamp replacement and to feature increased brightness. The lamp also provides the opportunity to reduce overall fixture size and weight, and it features the reliability of pinch-protection technology and color quality.

Z90 Intelligent LED


The Z90 features Zylight's exclusive, switchable tungsten and daylight output in an LED fixture designed for film and video production. Only slightly larger than its predecessor — the Z50 — and drawing the same power, the palm-sized unit also features a new color gel mode allowing users to select any one of more than 400 industry-standard theatrical gel numbers from four manufacturers. Color selection is via an integrated digital display, and presets are provided for saving favorites. Wireless control is built into each unit, and users can choose from ten independent, wireless ZyLink channels to create flexible and scalable multi-light installations. Units can be wirelessly linked together, forming a large soft source of light. Through its partnership with Color Kinetics, Zylight uses proprietary color-mixing technology.

Delta Hazer


The Delta Hazer features a water-based fluid, 1,000W heat exchanger, and a high-quality blower. Turning one knob varies the fan and pump speed for optimum output, and the unit runs continuously, even at high speeds. Features include onboard DMX, low fluid sensor, auto-timers, and continuous self-cleaning. The hazer holds a 4-liter bottle.

EQZ450 Universal Equalizer

Analog Way

EQZ450 is a universal equalizer interface designed to drive computer or video signals over long distance cables to monitors, screens, projectors, and other display devices. It was developed to handle any kind of input format and synchronization (RGsB, RGB/S, component, YUV-HD, RGB, or HV), and it features a booster/equalizer function. Extremely high-resolution video signals (computer, SD, or HD) can be driven up to 300m/1,000'. A high-grade compensation cable function offers continuous tuning to precisely fit the cable length and quality. The unit also features an RGB HV input on BNC or HD15F with loop monitoring. The equalized output is available on either BNC or HD15. Features include 450MHz bandwidth and built-in power supply.

HD- and PC-to-HDMI Video Scaler

TV One

The 1T-AVPC-HDMI HD- and PC-to-HDMI video scaler outputs resolutions up to 1080p. AnalogPC inputs to WUXGA @ 60Hz are accepted, along with analog YPbPr/YCbCr HDTV inputs to 1080p. The digital inputs accept HDMI and DVI-D signals up to 165MHz, plus digital PC RGB signals up to UXGA @ 60Hz. It is also RoHS-compliant. Dual-scaling engines are used with 8-bit triple-ADC Phase-Locked Loops. An integrated DVI/HDCP/HDMI-compliant receiver is central to the processor, along with 3D motion adaptive de-interlacers. Also included are a 3:2 pull-down, 2:2 pull-down detection/recovery, and 3D noise reduction. Audio processing is accomplished by integrating either analog stereo audio (R/L), PC stereo audio, or an auxiliary stereo audio input into the HDMI output data stream. The unit may be operated from the front panel switch matrix or via the supplied infrared remote control.

BeamWare 2 for Iconyx


BeamWare 2, the latest software upgrade for Iconyx digitally controlled array systems, displays horizontal and vertical coverage for a single array. Plan views can be imported in a variety of graphic formats. Tools such as Auto-Focus allow designers to define and steer multiple beams from each Iconyx IC8 array module. When a design is ready, the software calculates the FIR filters required to produce the beams and aiming angles and uploads them to the arrays via RS-232. Each FIR filter is derived from a new calculation engine that has been optimized during extensive real-world measurements. Version 2 is a Windows application allowing the system designer to specify both plan and section views of the audience area(s), build and hang a virtual Iconyx array, and optimize coverage by defining and aiming one or more beams of acoustic energy.

CobraNet Interface For Vi Series


Soundcraft has expanded the connectivity options for its Vi Series (Vi6, Vi4) of digital live sound consoles with the introduction of a CobraNet interface card. The optional card allows up to 32 channels of input or output signals (or a combination of both) to be received by/sent from the console onto a CobraNet network. By default, the card is configured for 32 outputs.