RC4 Wireless has completed numerous tests over the past 18 months, documenting the successful use of multiple RC4Magic Wireless DMX systems in the same space to provide up to 15 separate DMX universes.

New RC4Magic Series 2 Technology, debuting at USITT Stage Expo in Houston and available now, provides three different private IDs and one public ID with each transmitter. Up to 15 transmitters can operate simultaneously, each with a unique ID, and will communicate only with other devices on the same ID. Thus, a single user can utilize multiple universes, or—more typically—multiple RC4Magic users can operate in the same space without interfering with each other. No coordination between users is required; RC4Magic takes care of frequency and ID management entirely automatically. If multiple users want to combine systems or pool receivers, they can be operated on the public ID to provide one large system on the same DMX universe.

"The importance of multiple DMX universes in the same space has been a priority for us from day one, and has been offered with RC4Magic since initial release," boasts James David Smith, president of RC4 Wireless.

RC4Magic Series 2 provides precise replication of channel count and packet rate. "Most DMX consoles generate effects in sync with DMX data generation— if you've got 30 packets per second coming out, effects will look best if DMX data is maintained at 30 pps throughout your system," explains Smith. "With any number of channels at any update rate coming in, RC4Magic Series 2 receivers will generate precisely the same metrics at every wireless output."

As wireless technology is embraced by more and more users, awareness of data integrity and cost-benefit ratios also grows. "Like most digital technology, RC4Magic continues to improve year over year. It is our mandate to offer a small and reasonably priced package with the best possible performance," says Smith.

James David Smith, along with several guest lighting designers and electricians, will be presenting a seminar at the USITT Conference and Stage Expo in Houston. "Wireless DMX and Dimming in Practice" will be presented on Wednesday March 19, 2008, at 4:30pm.