Martin Professional has released application software Version 2.0 for both the Maxxyz and Maxxyz PC controllers. Martin has also released Maxxyz OS (Operating System) 2.0. Version 2.0 software adds a host of useful features and feature updates to the Maxxyz controller range and is available for download at .

Key features of Maxxyz Version 2.0 include:

New Graphical User Interface

A complete redesign of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides more flexible control including saveable GUI configurations, new window docking and 16 views per touchscreen. Martin’s Maxxyz and Maxedia Media Composer now share the same User Interface, making programming and operation easy and logical between different Martin Professional controller products. Further integration of Martin controller products is already in progress.

Fixture Cloning

Clones show content like cues, presets, and cue lists to alternative or additional lighting fixtures. Cloning allows users to copy fixtures for expanded lighting systems or to replace fixtures within the showfile between different types.

Auto Update Feature

Saves selected parameters and timings automatically for all programmed presets, cues and cue lists if and when required. Auto Update also allows users to adjust cues backwards inside the cuelist making it a very powerful tool for structured TV and theatre shows.

Online Help Support

Get questions answered quickly using the Online Help functionality. A fully updated user manual serves as a reference for version 2.0 and is now part of the software package.

New Menu System

Load and save show files on the fly from USB and CD. The Menu includes a new automated backup system that saves the showfile at specified intervals without interrupting the operation of the console. A console statistics window shows the amount of channels used, groups and cues written, etc. All console settings are now centrally located in an easy to browse interface and are logically grouped.

Hot Keys

Hot Key keyboard shortcuts have been added which are particularly useful for Maxxyz PC users.

Global Desk Timings

Allows for a fast override of programmed chase speeds and effect speeds, and adds speed to values in the Programmer, giving direct manual playback; also great for a quick and direct change of preset timings.

Improved Fixture Patch

The Patch can now be exported into .xml format, allowing for easy printing and distribution. The Patch window can now display each Universe graphically to quickly identify available addresses. Fixtures can be reassigned to various Universes by simply touching a cell.

Channel Expansion

In addition to the Ether2DMX, Maxxyz also supports the use of the Universal USB DMX box. Each device adds two Universes via the USB port.

Preset Export

The use of presets in cues can be exported into an .xml file which can be opened in Internet Explorer or Excel. This allows for easy documentation of the show and provides information to optimize the showfile and reduces focus times for shows.


As part of a complete networking package of Martin control products, the Maxxyz and Maxedia synchronize thumbnails for fast access to programmed cues on the Maxedia Media Composers.

Playback Options and MIDI Show Control

Users can now fine tune the desired behavior of the Maxxyz playbacks including fader levels, automated release on advancing through the various fader banks and adjustment of global release times.

In addition to the new functionality, the Maxxyz development team has improved the overall operation of the console for accurate playback and fast programming. During the development process, stability and reliability remained the most important focus.