Strand Lighting introduces the Light Rack, a new touring dimming system that is tiny, practically silent, and extremely lightweight. Power modules are available to operate 120V and 208V moving lights or provide standard dimming using Strand’s IGBT dimming technology for silent loads. All modules are interchangeable for easy mix and match to meet the needs of any show:

12 x 20amp IGBT
Non-dim: 12 x 20amp 120V or 208V
Constant: 12 x 20amp 120V or 208V

Light Rack comes in two sizes—four modules and eight modules high—for up to 96 dimmers. Light Rack has easy connectivity with DMX plus Shownet™ Ethernet and full dimmer reporting as standard equipment. Light Rack redefines touring dimming and moving light distro. And because it’s so tiny, you gain truck space andwing space.