New ColorGloTM LED par lamps designed and manufactured by USA-based J&J Electronics Inc. They produce all of the rich and saturated colors of LED lighting using standard circuits and switches without complicated DMX interfaces and controls.

ColorGlo LED par 30 and par 64 lamps install or retrofit into a medium Edison screw base for simple integration into conventional fixtures (such as standard recessed can or track fixtures at clubs). The lamps feature on-board programming for static colors or color changing effects, activated by simply switching a circuit on and off to advance through program choices. At only 12 or 35 watts each, dozens of lamps can be run on a single circuit with synchronization and programming activated by a single switch.

Available in either a 72 or 202 LED configurations, they generate saturated color without the use of theatrical gels, color scrollers, or dicroic lenses. The thermal management system produces maximum light output without generating significant heat. These lamps are available in 12VAC or 120VAC and last up to 100,000 hours.

“This is a great color enhancement solution for clubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues”, states James Rafferty, J&J president and leader of the ColorGlo development and technology team. “Several lighting designers have recently completed projects including a restaurant in the Bellagio. These lamps complement the rest of our product line used for lighting projects across the nation,” concludes Rafferty.