Nemetschek North America has launched vLearning webinars, a new virtual training series delivered to VectorWorks users over the web using WebEx™ technology. vLearning webinars provide VectorWorks users with convenient hour-long training sessions on a variety of VectorWorks topics, including instruction on how to use specific feature sets and functionality, as well as techniques and workflows to enhance productivity. Each session is live and concludes with time for questions and answers.

"vLearning webinars are perfect for users who are looking for short, self-contained workshops on VectorWorks topics they'd like to learn more about, at their own convenience," says Frank Brault, Nemetschek North America's director of training and technical support. "Our new virtual training series is designed as another option for users who might not prefer to devote several days to our more comprehensive, classroom-based Professional Learning Series seminars. Just one live, targeted vLearning session can deliver precisely the information a user wants on a specific topic. We've focused on drilling down into one topic per session, so users can sign up for one or several sessions and participate in the topics they find interesting. Because each topic is so concentrated, we'll cover material and share tips not included in any of our manuals. And we'll be adding more topics on an ongoing basis."

Four vLearning webinars will be introduced in February:
1. Organizing the Drawing
2. Managing Drawing Layouts Using Viewports
3. Understanding Reports Using Worksheets
4. Data Acquisition for a Site Model Using Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) Technology.

The first course, "Organizing the Drawing," will be broadcast on February 7 at 1pm EST. New topics will be added regularly.

"As a long-time user and trainer of VectorWorks, I found the vLearning webinar on layers and classes very well done," says Pat Stanford, president, Coviana, Inc. "The explanations were clear and concise, and the sample drawings did an excellent job of showing different ways to use layers and classes, especially the use of layers and classes in non-architectural drawings. I recommend the class to anyone who needs a better understanding of how to best organize their drawings and look forward to taking more webinars myself. What a great format to get a good understanding of a particular VectorWorks functionality in a short amount of time."