The 410FS is for applications requiring manual control to follow a performer, combined with varying beam size and color changing. With the manual control knob located at the top of the fixture, the beam can be adjusted for hard or soft edged focusing, as well as from spot to flood. It projects up to 100'. Features include dual lens system, iris control, internal muffin fan, color boom with four colors and douser, pattern slot, adjustable caster stand, on/off switch, 25' power cable with U-ground plug, FLE lamp, and UL listing.
Times Square Lighting
Stony Point, NY
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The M2 is a collection of interchangeable modules built around a central chassis. Changeable modules include a 1200W or 2500W lamp house and short, medium, or long throw lens modules. It is available with integrated electronic ballast or outboard magnetic ballast, so it can be configured in 12 different combinations. The modules are reconfigured without tools. Features include condenser optics; separate horizontal/vertical shutters that become a square shutter when used together; fader; frost filter; both a four-color dichroic color changer and six-color boomerang; and a heavy duty iris with heat shield. A gobo slot is standard. A flip-flop lens allows the followspot to change from a fixed to a variable focus via an external lever.
Lycian Stage Lighting
Sugar Loaf, NY
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Radiance is made from custom aluminum extrusions and a stainless steel rail system to help maintain the overall low weight and size. The fixture's insta-focus feature integrates the traditional zoom handle and focus knob into one control, while the True Zoom Focus eliminates the need to hold focus during a zoom movement. An arrangement of cable and cam keep both zoom lenses in focus at any setting. Either a Philips MSR/MSD 2500 or 1200 powers the unit. Operator controls include a nichrome steel iris, a set of horizontal and vertical shutter blades, and an innovative “dimming” iris. Also included is a six-color, self-canceling boomerang-style color changer.
Strong Entertainment Lighting
Omaha, NE
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The Newton 1200 intelligent followspot is designed for professional medium-to-long throw use in theatre, television studios, and concert applications. Suited to settings where automatic or multiple synchronized follow spots need to be on set cues, you can produce a controlled cue list using DMX and have multiple follow spots responding to a centralized console. Manual control is offered using a separate controller mounted next to the followspot. It is constructed of rugged, die-cast, extruded aluminum and has two handles on the sides and a grip on the rear panel. There is also a built-in settings panel and display on the rear panel, where operators can get information on the followspot's status, DMX addressing, and fixture and lamp operating times.
Orlando, FL
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The BP-2 Beam Luminaire is the next generation of the beam projector. When used with its followspot kit, it becomes a compact, high performance followspot. It directs 750W into a 10° soft-edge narrow beam. Built of rugged spun steel, with either a metal or cold light coated glass parabolic reflector, it may be lamped with up to an 800W tungsten source. Its T-slot modular connection system allows the designer to combine an unlimited number of BP-2s in any array. It can be fitted with a 12" Forerunner and dimmed with the Eclipse 2K or Eclipse II 2K.
Colorado Springs, CO
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A high-powered halogen followspot, the redesigned FS-1000 offers brighter spotlighting. Its specially designed reflector makes the fan-cooled 575W lamp generate as much light as a 1000W lamp. A revamped iris design allows blackout control via a knob at the top. Other features include: dimmer control; dual focusing knobs for precise, full focus; and extruded aluminum casing with handle and hanging bracket. ADJ's optional FS-6C color changer adaptor (sold separately) can be fitted to FS-1000's front, providing access to four-color gels and to mix the colors. The unit can also be purchased with the LTS-5 tripod stand as the FS-1000/Sys.
American DJ
Los Angeles, CA
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Robert Juliat manufactures a wide selection of followspots. The range includes tungsten and discharge followspots from 575W to 2500W and from short throw to very long throw. All followspots produce a flat field and come with a fully closing iris, dimming douser, six-frame color changer, gobo slot, articulating yoke, and tripod stand. Many models also feature hot-restrike/electronic ballasts, DMX control, color correction glass, and dichroic filters. These followspots are suited for clubs, churches, theatres, and stadiums. Cyrano (pictured) is a 2500W HMI long throw followspot with a 3° to 8° zoom range.
Robert Juliat
Wallingford, CT
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The FS400 followspot uses an FLE 360W bulb and is designed for medium to long throw applications of up to 150'. A regulated power supply ensures full lamp output even when the line voltage is low. It features a six-color plus blackout gel frame changer, iris, and douser, with a weight of 45lbs. A fan provides a quiet and efficient cooling system. A chassis-mounted dimmer control is standard. Options include remote dimming capability with DMX addressing, aluminum folding stand, and aluminum clad travel case.
Great Performance Products
Winnipeg, Canada
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The Lancer line of products includes the Lancer 2500 and the Lancer 1200 professional long throw followspots. The 1200 model includes a HMI 1200W lamp and is suited for use in theatres, schools, and houses of worship. Features include a six-color boomerang, lamp life meter, high performance lenses, spot focus adjusting, and a heavy-duty tripod stand. The color changer is fitted with six colored gels and blackout. The 2500 features a HMI 2500W lamp and is appropriate for theatre, mobile, and stage use. Used for medium and long throw applications up to 200', this unit comes complete with a five-color built-in color changer and blackout and a stand. The unit features a low voltage fan for cooling, a standby switch for controlling lamp output, elapsed time meter, high performance lenses with anti-reflective treatment, spot focus adjusting, and a heavy-duty tripod external ballast. A douser is included.
OmniSistem Lights & Effects
Kent, WA
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The Followspot 400G is a DMX luminaire for use in venues where manual control of a beam is required to follow or spotlight a performer. It produces a hard or soft-edged, medium to long throw spot and can be sized using a mechanical iris. Features include an electronic dimmer, manual focus, seven dichroic colors plus open, one gobo slot, a digital display, and a micro-stepping motor. Color changes, fades, dimmer levels, strobes, and blackouts can all be programmed from a lighting console for an automated performance, which allows the operator to mind only positioning, focus, and the iris during the show. Units can be linked via master/slave, and all functions perform in sync, with the exception of the focus and iris. The fixture includes four installed gobos.
Chauvet Lighting
Hollywood, FL
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The Pacific Followspot includes heat management technology available in a wide variety of light sources to meet the throw requirements of most school, church, or performance venues: tungsten halogen models 575W (115V, 100fc at 68.5'); 750W (115V, 100fc at 71'); 1000W (115V, 100fc at 69'); and MSR hot re-strike 575W (flicker free operation, 90V to 240V, 100fc at 120'). Features include adjustable iris diaphragm with blackout and protective guard; braced yoke and platten spigot; adjustable yoke balance point; and ergonomic guide handles for easy operation of the iris and color changer.
Forest Hill, MD
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