Rose Brand is the US distributor of Chromatte by Reflecmedia. It is a keying tool that uses retro-reflectivity in film, television, and video applications. It includes a Chromatte Curtain and an LED LiteRing. The curtain, assembled from over 70,000 beads of glass per square inch, reflects light directly back along the light's axis of origin. The LED LiteRing, mounted on the lens of the camera, projects a tight bandwidth of blue or green directional light onto the curtain. In turn, the curtain reflects it directly back to the camera lens. From any other point of view, the curtain appears gray, but what the camera sees is a bright, even keying color.
Rose Brand
New York, NY
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The Kino Koloris DMX system for film and video can be hand held and moved in close to other set pieces or live subjects without fear of overheating. The remote heads aid in rigging for wall washes, floor lighting, or set practicals, while 16.7 million colors provide a variety of creative options. The system includes die-cast aluminum fixtures suitable for indoor or outdoor use. At the heart of the system is a power supply with DMX dimming capability. Up to 512 fixtures can be chased or dimmed using a DMX control board. There are two fixture sizes: a 12" version that draws less than 2A and a 6" fixture that draws less than 1A. The power supply can run four fixtures at a time, each up to 50' away. Kits come with power supply, fixtures, extension cables, mounting systems, and case.
Kino Flo Rentals
Burbank, CA
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Stage Cyclo is a new luminaire for the stage, studio, and event lighting market. Adapted from Martin Architectural's Cyclo, it is designed for installation in theatres and television studios and can be hung and re-hung like regular touring products. It features four 54W high-output fluorescent tubes in red, green, blue, and white for full color mixing. A double parabolic louvre reflector provides maximum output and even illumination. In its standard finish, the beam angle is approximately 55°. Brackets have been attached on both the ends and at the rear of the housing to accept Martin's Omega bracket system. Successive fixtures can be mounted as close as possible to each other to ensure an even distribution. For floor mounting, it comes with built-in retractable legs. XLR connectors are included, both in 3-pin and 5-pin formats. The fixture is directly DMX addressable via a dipswitch panel. Accessories, available soon, will include acrylic covers for applications that require a completely diffused light source and manual barndoors.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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The C21 series rolling racks for film and television production are now available with Dual 20A Sinewave dimmers for completely silent lamps for use when quiet loads are needed in critical recording applications. These new dimmers are available for the first time in a rolling rack configuration. They feature processors with both Ethernet and DMX inputs and a wide range of standard and reporting dimmer modules. Also new is a Quad 20A standard module providing up to 96 dimmers in this compact enclosure.
Strand Lighting
Cypress, CA
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The ColorWash 1200E AT moving head washlight, suitable for live and television applications, comes with a CMY color mixing system; variable CTO; two color wheels, each with six replaceable slots for colors and effects; and a combined dimmer/shutter. The zoom has a range of 10° to 87°, depending on the lens type used. The electronic ballast enables features such as flicker-free operation, extended lamp life, and a power-saving mode. Additional features include a large LCD display and an Ethernet connection.
Robe America
Sunrise, FL
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LEDtronics® introduces the Series SLL003 Ultra Slim Shoebox LED Cluster Light Module. This lighting product delivers the longevity, reliability, and energy efficiency of LED lighting technology in a low-profile fixture. Featuring 400 incandescent white 5mm LEDs mounted on a PCB, it consumes 20W, emits 656 candelas, gives off 700 lumens, and has a color temperature of 3000K-3500K. Optional LED colors are red, green, orange, yellow, cool white, and blue. (IESNA-applicable test results may be downloaded from the LEDtronics website:
LEDtronics, Inc.
Torrance, CA
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The ultra quiet SX3K-2Q is the newest addition to Syncrolite's Series II large-format automated lighting range. In addition to dual scrollers, new optical effects, pattern breakup (gobos), and faster beam, pan, and tilt, the unit is virtually silent, using enhanced acoustic design and new materials to reduce operating noise. Features include pan of 540° and tilt of 250°; high-speed collimated beam to 20°; dual scroller with 21-frame capacity with mattes and breakups; high-speed douser; and magnetic or electronic ballast. The electronic ballast adds 30% dimming and variable speed electronic strobe.
Dallas, TX
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The Series 3000Q luminaires are full-function, 1200W fixtures that offer 50% audible reduction in noise output from the Series 3000 luminaires. Offered in spot, spot with a shutter mechanism, and wash, the Q range fixtures are designed for situations where the absence of noise is critical in television and film applications. The spot and wash units offer the same light output, functionality, and color mixing as the original Series 3000 luminaires. The VL3000Q and VL3500Q (with a shutter mechanism) spot luminaires offer 6:1 zoom optics, CYM color mixing, variable color temperature correction, a six-position fixed color wheel, rotating gobo wheels (two in the VL3000Q and one in the VL3500Q), one rotating gobo/effects wheel, a beam size iris, and separate dimmer and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms. The wash luminaire offers the same color system, dimmer, and strobe as the spot.
Dallas, TX
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The W420 is a compact, linear tungsten-halogen mini-flood wall wash used for general lighting applications on and off stage. It is suitable for lower end film and video productions, providing a wash of white or colored light on an area. Built-in masking and durable, lightweight construction make this fixture ideal for most any application. It is fast becoming a popular fixture for galleries and museums as well as exhibit lighting. Tempered safety glass is included. Features include a field angle of 80°; typical throw of 5' to 15'; and UL listing. It is available in black, white, silver, or custom finish.
Times Square Lighting
Stony Point, NY
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The RC4 wireless dimmer system provides lighting designers with the freedom to put DMX-controlled 12V lighting (and motors) anywhere on a television or film set or hard-to-reach production area. Radio control and battery power eliminate all wiring. High-power handling ensures robust performance for every take and shot, and digital accuracy ensures perfect repeatability. FCC reserved spread-spectrum RF provides reliability anywhere in North America, even downtown New York and Los Angeles.
Soundsculpture Incorporated
Cheektowaga, NY
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Mole-Richardson Co. introduces Hollywood's first dedicated 5kW tungsten PAR. This fixture is based on the design characteristics of the 4kW HMI PAR but with a conventional 5,000W incandescent source. Unlike traditional 5kW luminaires, it uses a specifically designed GE 5kW tungsten halogen lamp intended for axial operation. By placing the lamp on its side and using a highly polished parabolic reflector, it is able to achieve output comparable to a standard 14' 10kW Fresnel. When used with the interchangeable lenses, the field of light can be adjusted for optimum beam control. In addition to the standard onboard 5kW switch and the 60A stage connector, the fixture has visual and tactile focal indicators to determine lamp position.
Mole-Richardson Co.
Hollywood, CA
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The IntelliWhite® series combines advanced high-brightness white LEDs with digital control technology to enable both traditional and new uses of high-quality white light. iW Blast features variable color temperature, producing cool to warm gradients of white light from a single unit. This makes it suitable for lighting TV sets, studios, and talent. The compact size and lack of radiated heat means it can be easily concealed and/or positioned at close range to talent. It accepts DMX control and can be integrated with existing control environments.
Color Kinetics Incorporated
Boston, MA
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The 625mm Maximum Output Fresnel lens and mold was designed by a team from Lights! Action! Co. and Kopp Glass Company researchers, designers, and technicians. A new borosilicate glass material was formulated and tested to sustain extreme high heat tolerances and maintain low expansion ratios. The lens features 42 lens prisms to generate maximum output light transmission and is considered a hot light source. It is especially made for 18/12kW and 12kW HMI fixtures, 24/20kW and 20kW halogen tungsten fixtures. Also available is the Lens Protection Liner, a silicone sponge rubber strip and stick lens liner. It sustains high heat temperatures and is shock and vibration resistant.
Lights! Action! Company
Tarzana, CA
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BigTow Winches are used extensively in film and television to fly cameras and performers and to automate set and lighting trusses. This and other automation equipment are available on a rental basis or as a permanent installation. Stage Technologies has the ability to incorporate automation technology and onsite experience to meet creative and financial requirements.
Stage Technologies Ltd.
London, UK
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Riga LED is a new generation of projectors for scenic design including TV, film, and theatres. It offers infinite colors, and its configuration is either symmetrical (projection angle 74°) or asymmetrical (96°: 56°+40°). An aluminum, satin-finished LED bar (0.5 or 3.3' long), with adjustable positioning yoke, houses the source, which is comprised of 300 LEDs per meter — 100 for each color. Additional features include adjustable color temperature on white color, minimum heat generation, and durability.
Mantova, Italy
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OSRAM SharXS HTI series of double-ended metal halide lamps are specially designed for special effects and entertainment lighting applications. The 200W, 400W, 575W, 700W, and 1200W versions all have a 135-mm overall length dimension, making them upgradeable into OEM fixtures with similar footprints. The HTI lamps have eXtreme Seal (XS) technology for improved thermal management up to 450∞C and a short arc; they deliver exceptional brightness, operate at peak efficiency, and withstand greater thermal stress than conventional types. With standardization of SharXS HTI lamps, fixture manufacturers now only need to adapt the control gear optics and thermal allowances for fixtures to meet various applications. Special pre-focus bases allow the lamps to be quickly and precisely mounted in the lamp holders. With appropriately designed fixtures, the HTI lamps produce more light than comparable lamps of the same wattage.
Osram Sylvania
Danvers, MA
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Used in film and high-definition feature and television productions, Toplight is a lightweight 6K multiple PAR unit that hangs horizontally with two 36"×56" diffusion frames suspended beneath and fully enclosed with aluminized Nomex fabric. A 1' skirt is included and can be folded up or down. It offers wide coverage and as soft as needed, with a choice of diffusion in two separate frames. This unit can replace multiple space light scoops. The integrated PAR64 soft light gives deep projected soft light. They can be daisy-chained together to use only one socopex feed and less cable and fewer dimmers. The output is five times that of a spacelight of equal height. It is customizable to be softer or the footprint larger.
Finnlight, Inc.
Malibu, CA
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The Pocket Console DMX is an inexpensive source for compact, graphic hands-on, and user-friendly DMX-512 lighting control. It is portable and designed to be hand held. Levels are set using eight faders (slider pots). Each fader has an associated bump button. Its 512 DMX addresses are multi-patchable to any of the eight faders. It can also function as an eight-submaster Hog Wing from your pocket. The unit is powered by a 9V battery or by a 120VAC power supply. Pelican and Setwear cases are available. Eight Page Multi-Patch software upgrade and 19" rack mount version are also available.
Baxter Controls, Inc.
Austin, TX
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The DW 800W All-Weather Daylight HMI production fixture can be configured as a PAR, focusing open-face, or as bare bulb for such applications as soft boxes or lanterns. The system uses the Bron Kobold 400-575-800 multi-wattage AC ballast unit. The DW 800W draws only 8.9A with the output of some manufacturers' 1200 HMIs, so it is possible to run two 800Ws off of one 20A household circuit.
Bron Kobold
Edison, NJ
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For studios and theatres, Philips has developed the Ceramic ST 250 HR lamp system. This system needs four times less power to achieve the same light output when compared to halogen lamps. It also produces four times less heat, so less cooling is needed, and the working environment is more comfortable. As a result, smaller fixtures can be used. The Ceramic ST lamp has an excellent color rendering and a color temperature of 3200K. The lifespan of the lamp is eight times longer than halogen.
Philips Lighting Company
Somerset, NJ
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Flatlite is a paper thin (0.02") electroluminescent light used on film and television sets, as well as backlighting applications. It is manufactured in rolls hundreds of feet long by 30" wide. Large coils and long coils are available. It can be cut to size and electrically connected using hand tools. Unique shapes are possible. It is made in two basic colors: green/blue and white, but color overlays are available in green, magenta, yellow, red, blue, and orange. Lamps are complemented by patented UL-listed, CE-compliant power supplies, as well as dimming and flashing control modules. Since this is a field of light instead of a point source, it appears brighter to high definition cameras. This allows for much lower brightness settings and longer lamp life when used with a high definition camera.
E-Lite Technologies, Inc.
Trumbull, CT
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The new Power Bank and Power Flo series of fluorescent studio/location film and video lights now offer a separated electronic ballast box with DMX and local dimming. The Power Bank provides lightweight rugged aluminum construction and can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. It is supplied with a mounting plate and support for lighting stands or can be mounted directly on the wall or ceiling for a more permanent installation. A silver focusing louver is included to help control the spread and direction. The FL-PB320 with eight lamps or FL-PB400 with ten lamps are both available. The Power Flo DFL-2/40 and the DFL-4/40 are designed for location lighting needs. High output and low current draw helps on locations with limited power options. All units are available to be lamped with GE's high-output F40 t12 cinema 3200 or 5600 or the Cinema Plus color match with covRguard tubes.
Orlando, FL
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The PixelLine 110ec is designed for high-output wash illumination, using five cells of RGB and amber 1 to 3W Luxeon emitters. Housed in the same mechanical housing as the 1044 batten, it is double the output of the PixelPAR 90(A) in a linear package. It comes complete with forced air cooling from a patent-pending heat management system. Five-cell resolution, using RGB and amber LEDs, offers full spectrum reproduction. The standard beam angle is 4°, and holographic films offer six options of expanding beyond this, using the refraction method. Beam expansion by refraction is also now available as an accessory for the Pixelline 1044.
James Thomas Engineering
Knoxville, TN
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The Cinematographer is a bag specifically designed for the cinematographer's needs. Numerous padded compartments ensure that meters, digital cameras, and laptop are all in the same bag and well protected. All compartments feature heavy padding and a label holder that provides easy navigation through the bag to find the needed tool quickly. Other features include: heavy duty buckles; large padded shoulder strap; six padded meter compartments for tools such as light meter, sport meter, digital camera, PDA, viewfinder, spare laptop battery or charger, and similar sized tools; large padded compartment for laptop, script, or grayscale; protective feet; waterproof material; adjustable opening angle designed to stand in the open position; business card holder; and pen organizer.
CineBags Inc.
Glendale, CA
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