Lightfactor is showing a variety of its core theatre and performance-orientated products available from Italian manufacturers SGM, LDR, and Novalight; VXCO from Switzerland; and LightProcessor from the UK.

New from SGM
SGM’s new Pilot 3000 is a sophisticated, value-added DMX controller ideal for use with small rigs, with all the functionality of larger consoles. This includes 1024 DMX Channels, 2 DMX outs and 4 in; touch screen for quick access to all functions for a powerful intuitive GUI. There are six programmable scene control faders, four encoder wheels for attribute control during programming, and effects control during playback. A “Joy Ball” gives intuitive Pan/Tilt control.

The Genio Mobile is an LED color-changing fixture with incredible brightness, able to producing a wash light effect generated by 16 high-powered Luxeon LEDs (1,800 lumens). With true “fit and forget” capability, lamplife is at least 100 hours at maximum power. The Genio mobile is IP 65 rated and good for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s available with a low cost, easy-to-program infrared remote control and interchangeable lenses between 8° and 25°. It’s near-silent operation makes it ideal for theatres, TV, photography studios, museums, and art galleries.

SGM’s Palco 5 has all the mechanical and application features of its popular, Palco 3, while offering twice the luminous power. Palco 5 is fitted with a new model of the very powerful K2 LED which gives amazing output with low energy consumption. It uses a total of 12 x K2 4.5W blue LEDs, 24 x K2 4.5W green LEDs, and 13 Luxeon 4.5W red LEDs. The fixture is ideal for illuminating large walls and spaces and for throwing long distances. Its optics provides the same choice of interchangeable lenses as Palco 3, making it versatile and adaptable. Its high power, silent operation and IP65 rating make Palco 5 good for lighting museums, art galleries, libraries, television studios, as well as architectural lighting for monuments, buildings, and public spaces. Control options include stand-alone, Master-Slave and DMX.

SGM ups the ante in media server technology for the entertainment industry with the Imago-Mediasynth Rel.2.5, a powerful 3D multimedia server. It features a render-enhanced performance for crisp and clear images on LED/LCD screens and DLP projectors. Output formats include DVI, XVGA, S-video, HDTV, and composite. It offers three layers of live HD video that can be output simultaneously, with a total of eight composite inputs available. Morph and vertex animation allow users to control the animation speed and the step for 3D objects. The system is fully WYSIWYG integrated and DMX and MIDI controllable.

SGM Synthesis
Synthesis is the first of a new generation of moving head fixtures designed and built by SGM for top-level professional applications. The fixture features two types of interchangeable 700W lamps, with automatic hot re-strike, color mixing, a precise linear dimmer, automatic electronic pan/tilt unlocking, silent operation, and brightness. Its brightness distinguishes Synthesis from other fixtures if the same class, putting it alongside products in the 1200W class.

A combination of the short arc single-ended lamp, a high efficiency dichroic reflector, heat filters with low visible light reduction, and optimized optics enable Synthesis to achieve exceptional brightness, plus considerable energy and cost savings and lower environmental impact. Automatic pan/tilt locking/unlocking is a unique feature, and ideal for touring where the fixture is constantly in transit.

Synthesis was the first moving head fixture fitted with wireless DMX as standard, with an operating radius of over 500m.

Lightfactor is the UK distributor for Italian manufacturer LDR, which has developed a comprehensive range of theatrical and architectural display luminaires using the latest optical design techniques. Based in northern Italy, LDR has its own design and assembly facility to ensure consistent quality and availability. Its range of products includes a choice of follow-spots with discharge and tungsten halogen sources, condenser-optic profiles, and a complete collection of Fresnels and PCs for both theatrical and architectural applications.

From LDR, Lightfactor will be showing the Xpress range of scrollers, available in three different sizes to fit various ranges of lanterns. The new Xpress power distribution is compact and lightweight specially designed to feed a single Xpress color scroller. Also highlighted is the brand new Canto 1200 followspot, plus a selection of other LDR theatrical fixtures.

Lightfactor is the UK distributor for Novalight and will feature its high-powered High Ground range of moving lights.

The DMX-controlled Novalight High-Ground uses a 2,000W MSR light source and outputs 174,000 lumens. The moving yoke version pans 540° in 3.2 seconds and tilts 262° in 2.9 seconds, making it very agile. The unit offers five dichroic colors and white, plus shutter and strobe effects; meaning there is no central black hole when the beam is opened to maximum.

The New unique Nova Flower is the first full programmable ‘flower effect’ with full DMX controllable pan, tilt, color shutter plus other features. Using a 1200W light source, this moving yoke fixture is an ideal companion to the Novalight High-Ground, with CMY mixing, rotating reflector (in both directions), pan/tilt, and remote lamp re-strike. Nova-Flower is trolley mounted for rapid rigging onto a truss, and can also be used in stand-alone mode programmed via the display buttons on its base. It has a weather-resistant IP 43 rating.

LightProcessor manufactures an extensive range of fully-featured lighting control products, including the ever popular QCommander and QCommander II moving light consoles, LightProcessor Zip desks, and the hugely successful Paradim and Dimension dimming ranges.

PLASA 2006 sees the launch of LightProcessor’s new Location Portable dimmer, complete with local control on the front panel, aimed at the film, TV, and portable dimming hire market.

Also featured will be the latest models in the LightProcessor Dimension range of installation dimmers.

Dimension 1210 and 1810 wall mounted dimmers are the latest addition to the Light Processor installation dimmers. Available as single or three phase, with MCB breakers on each circuit, user-replaceable triacs plus many other features. Keenly priced, it’s available as DMX or DMX with onboard scene memory.

The Paradim digital dimmer range is now available with 125 A Cee Form or PowerLock in/out. The 72-way version offers 24 dimmer channels and 12 hard powered channels, and the 96-way offers 36 dimmer channels and 12 hard power channels.

Paradim installation dimmers feature a low-cost, six-scene, six channel dimmer, available in 6 x 10A, 6 x 16A or 6 x 20A formats. It can be hard-wired or rack mounted, single or three-phase, and encompasses fire alarm settings and onboard scene memory. Scenes stored in the dimmer can be recalled by any of the LightProcessor series of Scene Recall Button Stations, either with LED indicators, faders or simple buttons.

The Dimension Memory dimming range consists of 12 or 18 channel units of 10 Amps-per-channel, which can be wired as three-phase or single. The 1210 and 1810 units can be split between different zones; one zone of 18 scenes, two of 12, and six or three of six. Channels are allocated to zones via central programming from any DMX desk, and don’t have to be divided in any pre-determined way.

Both Paradim and Dimension can be used in conjunction with one another.

VXCO will launch their latest DMX Creator range software. Specifically highlighted is a new architectural front-end for the DMX Creator stand-alone product. This can be programmed up, left, and accessed via a choice of 0 to 10v inputs, MIDI or RS232.