GoboMan launched a full line of color filters at LDI 2006 in Las Vegas. The addition of their new GoboMan Color Filters, consisting of 116 colors in 20”x24”sheets, is the next step in creating a hassle-free, one stop experience for their online customers.

GoboMan was founded by Rebel & Steve Hoffman in June of 2006 with the aim to create a company that offers strong customer service selling cost effective lighting accessories directly to end users.

“To add a line of color filters was an easy decision for us to make and rounded out what we already have to offer,” says Steve Hoffman. “We manufacture on a high-grade polymeric base material using a wide range of accurate and consistent colorants for optimum performance and life. GoboMan’s color filters are surface coated for excellent clarity and consistency from batch to batch. All these filters are highly heat-resistant.”

Rebel Hoffman points out, “For the new filter line we decided to utilize the already well known European numbering system currently in use so our customers wouldn’t need to learn a new system. We feel this is consistent with our philosophy of making your purchasing experience simple and pleasant.”

GoboMan also offers a range of specifically designed UV fade resistant filters for coloring high output fluorescent tubes, allowing confidence in long-lasting color over an extended period of time.