With its new ArcLine range, G-LEC is bringing its award winning entertainment technology to the worlds of architecture, branding, and themed entertainment. With three architecturally suitable products deriving from both the Tube and Frame families, the G-LEC ArcLine range provides architectural solutions for just about any surface. G-LEC ArcLine products can be used in shopping centers, hotels, on television sets, at theme parks, and more.

The ClassicTube and LightTube systems allow designers to freely fix the extremely lightweight yet clear, 1m long tubes onto any surface or framework to create rich, colorful effects. Create dramatic custom designs, such as pendant lamps, making use of every tube’s 16 million color pixels, while all electronics are housed in remote, separate boxes. The LightTube is controlled by DMX512 and is RDM1.2 ready, allowing control by any architectural or entertainment control system. For more complex projects, the ClassicTube system provides powerful control of individual pixels at full video speed. With a powerful graphic server and high-speed signal transmission control, ClassicTube can mix custom images, pictures, signage or video.

For applications that require more LED power, G-LEC’s PhantomFrame tubes are mounted on a lightweight, practically invisible frame. Each 1x1m frame is fixed together securely, allowing the creation of huge display surfaces. Images, pictures, messages, and video can then be transmitted from a remote graphicserver, with two layers of graphics controlled by DMX512.

The light weight of the PhantomFrame system gives the option of attaching whole units to the side of buildings, as Mercedes Benz chose to do when it celebrated the 100 year anniversary of its Untertürkheim plant near Stuttgart. Events on stage were displayed on a large G-LEC system attached to the outside of the Mercedes Benz office block. Not only was the frame lightweight enough to be attached to the glass façade, natural light could still enter the building through the frame, and so did not obscure the employees’ views.

Each frame supports 16 clear polycarbonate tubes, while each tube houses 16 LED pixels spaced 60mm apart. Any logo, sign or graphic can be digitized and displayed on the ultra bright 5,100mcd RGB pixels, with up to 16 million colors available. The space between the tubes is air–a reason for the PhantomFrame’s transparency and its light weight, which is only 6kg/m.

PhantomFrame offers the option of CoverUp, a range of Perspex covers that broaden the designer’s palette of lighting tools. The CoverUp can be mounted at different distances from the front of the frame to create a variety of effects. For example, each CoverUp corner can be fixed to create undulating or curved surfaces. CoverUp will be available with different degrees of transparency allowing smoother or more pixillated light and color blending.