Field Template SoftSymbols™ Version 3 is a significant overhaul and expansion to the award-winning VectorWorks®-based symbol library. In addition to another 800 symbols, it ships with DataConvert Macros, allowing the entire software package to be converted from Imperial scale to Metric scale and back again.

Designer Steve Shelley has added the entire Rosco, Gam, Diversitronics, Reich & Vogel, CCT, and Robe product lines, as well as updated the latest from Coemar, Martin, Selador, Selecon, and the City Theatrical libraries. He's added beloved archive product lines from Strand and Berkey Colortran. SoftSymbols Version 3 is now available for download.

The 2D Drafting Elements, Shelley's Section Collection, and Shelley's Scales have also been expanded, and all 41 libraries have been reviewed and updated using the new SoftGauntlet® Data-Filtering System.

SoftSymbols Version 3 ships with fresh SoftMaps©, allowing the complete package to printed onto six D-sized reference drawings. All of the data contained in the symbols is exported into a 92-page SoftData© PDF reference document.

Version 3 ships with the new 35-page SoftResource© PDF resource guide document showing comparative data for every SoftSymbol, sorted by manufacturer. It also includes updated SoftMaps© and the classic SoftGuide©, as well as DataConvert macros, which convert color frame and weight data from Imperial to Metric and back again. Users who draft in either scale now need only the single software collection.