Beginning May 17th, 2007, every new ETC Source Four® Revolution moving light will be shipped with a 24-frame-capacity “Wybron Inside” color scroller based on Wybron’s Coloram® technology. The new color scroller will further enhance the accuracy and speed of color changes.

In response to suggestions from top-level lighting designers, ETC has worked with Wybron engineers to improve Revolution’s cartridge-style color scroller with pin-point precision every time, and at much higher speeds. Wybron’s scroller technology combines with other exclusive Revolution features to offer this unique “made-for-theatre” automated lighting.

The new ‘Wybron Inside’ Revolution will also feature a new complement of colors in its standard 12-color scroll. One of the colors chosen for Revolution’s stock gel scroll is Rosco 361– HemsleyBlue. Hemsley Blue is named for Gilbert Hemsley, legendary lighting designer and educator. Hemsley was fond of saying that Lake Mendota, near the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he taught and was revered by students, had “64 shades of blue.” Hemsley Blue is a cool, clear blue in the middle of the spectrum of the blues he so loved. It is a fitting tribute to the colorful man. Rosco donates all of the proceeds of this gel to the Hemsley Foundation, which benefits aspiring lighting design students. ETC is proud to support Rosco in its efforts in behalf of the foundation.

In keeping with its policy to support existing product users, ETC is selling a kit for converting pre-Wybron Revolutions to the new scroller. The kit comes with complete instructions and pre-loaded code and will take an estimated 30 minutes to install. The new scroller uses a different mounting technique for color strings, so the previous template for color strings is no longer valid, but a new template for scroller strings is included in the updated Revolution User Manual that ships with each new Revolution. The template is also available online at