ETC is proud to announce another green advancement: Source Four HID lighting fixtures incorporating the Philips MasterColor® 70W CDM lamp.

To provide lighting for long hours of daily operation, designers, and technicians need lamps with the longest possible life. For years, ETC’s Source Four HID family has offered a solution to this problem, with the 12,000-hour life and the 3,000°K color temperature of the MasterColor 150W lamp, combined with the Source Four brand’s ruggedness, efficiency, and beam-shaping qualities. Source Four products—with the exception of ETC’s MultiPAR striplight and Revolution® moving light—can now be delivered in a 70W version with a 70W MasterColor lamp. The lamp offers the same benefits as the 150W MasterColor, but in a more energy-efficient, low-wattage lamp. A 4,200°K lamp is also available, just as in the 150W MasterColor lamp series. For fixtures already in the field, a ballast-assembly change is required to use the 70W lamp.

Both ETC’s Source Four and Source Four PAR optical systems are exceptionally well suited for this lamp. The 26° Source Four HID jr outputs 4,575 lumens when equipped with a 150W HID lamp. The same fixture with the 70W lamp produces 2,800 lumens. That’s 65 percent of the output for only 45 percent of the watts.

The Philips MasterColor 70W option for the Source Four fixture family adds another green solution to the lighting professional’s toolbox.