Since its debut at LDI 2007 in Orlando, ETC’s new Ion® lighting control console has been creating buzz throughout the industry. Now, ETC offers a great way to get to know this little-console-with-the-big-console-functionality, with a mini site on ETC’s web site. This introduction provides a basic orientation for pros and beginners alike in an interactive graphic mode.

The mini site takes viewers on a virtual Ion tour. On the “Building a system” page, visitors can view the number of outputs Ion offers—1024, 1536, or 2048. They can also see why the Ion is called the “perfect fit” console, viewing the various configurations possible when Ion is connected with up to six optional USB fader wings for 240 submasters, with paging controls.

Among the most helpful mini-site features is the “Controlling your system” section. When you mouse over a layout of Ion’s front panel, descriptions pop up explaining Ion’s power tools, from its integral LCD display to its master playback fader. See all this plus explore more Ion functionality on this new ETC web tool.