Detailed market researches and the development of new technologies have led Coemar to design a series of innovations that will be presented at the LDI in Las Vegas including moving heads equipped with patented devices and other products, as a result of an evolution in LED technology.

Lately, Coemar experts have been considering the need of rationalizing the international exhibitions schedule. Therefore, for this year, after Rimini, Frankfurt, Dubai, Beijing and Tokyo, Coemar has decided to focus exclusively on the LDI, investing time, personnel and resources in the product development, customer service, and other more functional initiatives in terms of customer relationship management.

Coemar’s closest customers and distributors in terms of performance will be hosted by the company (flight + hotel) in Las Vegas: the best conditions to get to know and appreciate for the first time the new products presented at the LDI. Terms and modalities for the credit will be communicated shortly, with a specific confirmation.

A new approach toward customers is also a focus. Coemar is developing a new structure in order to react to market requests in a prompt and effective manner. The project is moving on three main objectives that will be completed before the end of the current year: improvement in repsonse times and in presence of technical personnel; dedicated section on the web, exclusively accessible by technicians and operators, with all the necessary technical documentation for the operation of Coemar products and for assistance; and courses for technicians and training for vendors, to be held at Coemar premises or directly at the site of the company.