Bandit Lites is excited to be using the Martin ShowDesiger (MSD) for various programming needs. Recently, Bandit added a media/training room to their Nashville facility that is equipped with a 12’ x 20’ screen. The room allows lighting designers access to the software for both training and programming.

MSD is a lighting and set design software package. Known for its ability to develop realistic 3-D lighting simulations, MSD Suite is also a high quality production and/or sales presentation tool. MSD allows the programmer to create realistic set and lighting design renderings using reflection, transparency, lighting, shadow and smoke. A stand-alone 3-D lighting design/control system, there is no additional CAD software required.

The program primarily consists of the following items: Modeler, ShowDesigner,
Paperwork and 3-D Visualizer sections:

Modeler: Enables designer to build libraries of objects and set pieces.

ShowDesigner: Includes set design, place fixtures, control fixtures, program cues, preview, show and allows the creation of realistic renderings of a scene.

Paperwork: allows print fixture layout, instrument schedule, patch list and fully customizable layout.

3-D Visualizer: allows visualization of a variety of effects using DMX from a controller/video input.

“The MSD Suite was very helpful recently. I was able to reconfigure and reprogram Queen’s Japanese System, which consisted of over 300 lights, without having to hang it again,” lighting designer Baz Halpincomments. “The software allows you to work very efficiently, especially if you are limited in time and/or space.”

Halpin also said that he has used the design suite to create presentations for clients in the pre- production phase of a project. He particularly found the 3-D rendering very useful when trying to create the right look and trouble shoot problems before beginning rehearsals.