The Phoenix is Altman Lighting's new ellipsoidal reflector spotlight that is compatible with GLA or HPL series 375W, 575W, and 750W compact filament lamps. The reflector is a spring-mounted dichroic-coated glass ellipsoidal design.

The front barrel can be rotated 360°; the accessory holder is enclosed so nothing falls out when rotated. The shutters and gobo holder lock into place to retain settings and the four shutters are constructed with oversized heat-resistant handles. The light is constructed out of die-cast aluminum and sheet metal.

The lens tubes are all interchangeable and require no tools. Lens tubes are available in 5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° beam spreads. All lenses are color-coded crown glass (white plate) with anti-reflective coatings, except the 5° and 10°, which are made from polymeric plastic to reduce the weight. The yoke has dual locking handles complete with indexed tilt angle markings.

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