Pathway Connectivity’s Cognito™ is a network-ready console that uses natural language control and real-world terms and values, not channel numbers and DMX levels. Once programmed, the show is played back manually or with sequenced playlists. Features include up to 1,024 channels; no limit to the number of memories, cues, or playlists; 7" touchscreen; Pathport, ANSI E1.31 sACN, and Art-Net protocols; Power-over-Ethernet operation; continually maintained fixture library of over 1,000 lights; color backlit faders, buttons, and encoders; 20 pageable channel/memories faders with configurable bump buttons; two playbacks, each with an intensity fader, go, and pause buttons; and four rotary encoder wheels. Interface connections include two DMX outputs, one DMX input, and MIDI in/out/thru. Additional features include two USB ports on the top panel and two on the rear.

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