Pan, tilt, and…slide? Parasol Systems’ patented technology, developed for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and then used for last season’s finale of American Idol, has come to the masses, with autonomously moving “ParaCarts.” Think your moving lights move? They can move more if they’re fixed on self-propelled, motorized, moveable carts that glide them along a predefined guide way or track. Controlled wirelessly, the tracks can be any shape or scale. We’re thinking: Shotlight rollercoaster! One judge says, “It’s pretty revolutionary in that it brings a custom solution to the mass market.” Another calls it “a great solution, and Parasol has plans to take the idea even further with more complicated trussing and custom setups, etc. It has very interesting configurations potential.” The folks at Parasol say that, in the company’s earliest days, a “very influential lighting industry person” told the founders if they built this system to be safe, smooth, reliable, and quiet, they would have a hit. Looks like that person was right.

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