Robert Juliat’s prototype LED profile fixture previewed at LDI—originally referred to as “the LED Profile Project"—has been named. The AledIN was shown to European attendees at Pro Light + Sound in Frankfurt last week. The unit has an 85W LED light source, with features that include clean shutter and gobo projections, minimal power consumption, and the ability to run 30 units from a single domestic power outlet. Based around a 600SX profile, the fixture is totally silent. With all the attributes of a hard-edge framing spotlight, the fixture is the first multi-source profile fixture with an interchangeable lamp compartment. Additional features include a double slot for iris and gobo, a slot for frost, dichroic, or color correction filter, and silent progressive ventilation. Color temps of 3,000K to 6,500K will be available, and with no need for a dimmer, operators can go from full to 0 almost instantly.