GAMPRODUCTS, INC. has introduced a new cue light solution, Go-Lite™, a modular expandable system made up of cubes with four LEDs in white, red, blue, and green. Each has an “in” and “out” recessed receptacle and measures approximately 1 x 1-1/8 x 2-3/4“. The units can be taped, tacked, or glued to almost any surface, and wiring between the modules is 6-wire telephone cable with 6-pin telephone connectors. Control is via a 4-switch manual controller and power supply or a DMX control power supply. The manual controller can be operated using a 120V or 220V wall outlet or powered by batteries. Strings of units can be run over 1,000’, and each of the color circuits can be turned on and off separately or in any combination desired for multiple cueing requirements.