The MasterBlast™ utilizes a Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions/Color Kinetics ColorBlast® 12 TR LED lighting fixture combined with SHoW DMX™ wireless DMX technology to create a wireless, battery-powered, LED lighting fixture with up to 10 hours of operating time. The built-in standalone routines and wireless DMX allow events to run without a lighting console, external wireless DMX gear, or power and data cables. The user interface allows for configuration as a transmitter or receiver, as well as the ability to select various standalone routines and radio settings. The user interface also provides a built-in battery gauge. The ColorBlast® 12 TR features a swing-down front that accommodates City Theatrical’s unbreakable polycarbonate holographic lenses for a wide variety of symmetric and asymmetric beam spreads. In transmit mode, the unit’s DMX output allows the same show being broadcast wirelessly to be output via wired DMX to other power/data supplies, enabling the combination of existing ColorBlast fixtures into large wired/wireless systems all receiving their commands from a MasterBlast Transmitter, and all running the same show without an external lighting console.