Digital Video Machine HD™ (DVM-8400HD) from Alcorn McBride is a high-definition video player that offers up to 40Mbps maximum playback rate in a compact chassis with no moving parts. Video clips are stored on CompactFlash cards, and files can be copied directly to the cards or transferred via USB or Ethernet. Clips may be triggered via contact closures, playlists, realtime schedules, RS-232, Ethernet, or via GPS for vehicle applications. A front-panel knob and display provides status and access to configuration options. The unit supports popular audio and video encoding standards, including MPEG 2 and 4, h.264, VC-1, WMA, AAC, and Dolby. Video outputs include component (YPbPr or RGB), composite (SD), HDMI, and HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M).