Digital Projection International (DPI) announced two performance upgrades to its Mercury HD 3-chip DLP™ home entertainment projector. The first is a novel approach to chassis cooling, resulting in an ultra low operating noise level of just 35dB. The second is the inclusion of full High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP) compliance.

The new operating noise level of 35dB, considered best-in-class among all 3-chip DLP™ projectors, will allow installation of Mercury HDs in nearly any location within a home cinema or media space, without concern fan noise will become a distraction to the entertainment. HDCP compliance enables the projector to display the high-value content, such as copyrighted Hollywood movies on DVD and High-Definition satellite channels, through the Mercury HD's all-digital DVI input.

Both upgrades join the standard features available on the performance-driven, 16x9 aspect ratio Mercury HD. According to, HDCP compliance and 35dB operational sound level are important features that assure the Mercury HD remains invisible in a given environment.

"The paramount benefits a projector must deliver are impeccable imaging quality and a seamless entertainment experience," explains George Walter, home cinema marketing manager for DPI. "HDCP compliance and quite operation simply assure the only sensation commanding attention in the theatre is the powerful cinematic imagery being displayed."

All current and future shipments of the Mercury HD employ the 35dB operational sound level upgrade. Additionally, all of DPI’s Mercury series projectors (5000gv, HD, and 5000HD) benefit from the newly announced HDCP compliance.