Holo-Walls, LLC, recently honored at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions with Second Place, Honorable Mention for Best New Product/Displays and Sets, announced their new product, Holo-Glass, a holographic glass that features razor-sharp hues, depth, and sharpness with superb clarity.

Incorporating semi-transparent holographic films, Holo-Glass is made from film laminated between two sheets of glass with a thickness of up to .5" and has the same properties as safety and security glass. With five holographic patterns to choose from, Holo-Glass has endless applications and can be used in areas similar to standard glass, such as in elevators, railings, windows, doors, table tops, and wall partitions. The films can also be applied to polycarbonate materials, such as Lexan, for lightweight applications.

Visit Holo-Walls new improved website at www.holowalls.com.