FogScreen, Inc. is proud to present one-meter and two-meter screens for party throwers around the globe. The eerie, ghost-like effects created by the FogScreen are ideal for Halloween events.

"The FogScreen is a must-have for event planners everywhere this Halloween season," says Jorden Woods, president of US Operations at FogScreen. "Event producers and party planners are always trying to find innovative and exciting ways to visually entertain audiences. Everything from spooky images to 3D interactive ghosts can be projected onto the FogScreen. The possibilities are really endless."

Risto Raikkonen, CEO of Linnanmaki Amusement Park says, "Every year there are four to five new or updated rides in our amusement park. We had been looking for something new for the Ghost Train for some time now and when we saw the FogScreen product for the first time, we knew right away that this was the solution we had been looking for. This is something huge."

After winning numerous awards for their two-meter-wide FogScreen Inia, including the Club World Award for Best Special Effect, the company recently announced the general availability of FogScreen One, the one-meter-wide screen that seamlessly links with additional FogScreen One projection units. The result is a screen of dry fog—with no gaps between the connecting screens—that feels like walking through a ghost.