Winner of LDI2011's best debuting special effects product award, the Firelinx Aegis wireless control system shown at LDI by Birket Engineering is a flexible, event-driven system. Any module can be created and used with the system: pyro, special effects, lighting, DMX, float control, GPS positioning, access control, wind monitoring, etc. Built on the Omni pyrotechnics platform, Aegis is designed to combine safety, reliability, and flexibility.

Firelinx created wireless mesh networking for pyrotechnics in 2004; its system stores data at end nodes rather than transmit out to them. Features include priority algorithms for control and synchronization, modules specialized for the task, and the lowest RF loading at show time. The system allows for actor enables and actor-firing controls while still under the control of an operator override. Complex logic enables and firing controls give the user a high level of safety.

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