ETC has updated its iRFR application, for use with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. The touchscreen-based remote control for use with Eos, Ion®, and Element™ control consoles offers the functionality of an ETCNet3™ Radio Focus Remote. Downloadable from the Apple iTunes store, the software upgrade v1.1.33 has several new features, many specifically designed for the Apple iPad.

New to the software is a cue playback display that offers playback controls of the master cue list and shows the current cue and dynamic duration, as well as several previous and pending cues. A similar tool, the cue list display, provides the same information, but doesn’t have playback controls. This display is useful during previews for designers who want to keep track of the cue status but want to make sure they don’t hit Go. When used on an iPad, notes can be added on a per-cue basis.

An additional new feature is a pan/tilt display that provides ETC axis controls on the Eos® product line. When used with an iPad, a new encoder display allows users to create a page of encoders that can be moved and resized as desired using standard Apple navigation techniques. The new console connect list creates a list of different consoles for connection. Once the IP address of the device is entered, this can be stored along with a console name, enabling fast switching from one device to another.

Functionality for Congo® and Congo jr consoles will be available via a new Congo software update in the future.

All profits from iRFR application purchases are put toward The ESTA Foundation’s Behind the Scenes program in North America and Light Relief in the UK. These programs provide emergency grants and financial support to industry professionals who are injured or sick. To date, the iRFR application has brought in thousands of dollars of support for Behind the Scenes and Light Relief.