CHAUVET’s Cosmos™ 2.0 rotating beam effect features wide light dispersion, making it well suited for both permanent and mobile applications. Its two sets of easily interchangeable covers (domes or discs) gives users the flexibility to quickly change the lighting style from a dome to a chopper effect. It features 74 interchangeable colored lenses and 24 clear lenses and projects a multitude of vertical, horizontal, and oblique rays. Two spheres rotate 3600 around their own axis and around the axis of the base.

Cosmos 2.0 is conveniently mounted using a single clamp. Controllable features include flash/full on (controlled on-board via a switch), flash speed, and rotation speed (controlled via a knob). These functions are also accessible via an optional CON-EF2 wired controller.

Two easily accessed 300W halogen lamps create a total light output of 600W. Lamps: 2 x 64514 300W 120 V. Weight: 12 lbs. Dimensions: 8.5 in x 17 in x 14 in. Power: Switchable 110V/230V.