Barco High End Systems opened its doors this and last week to select designers and media to demo the new Intellaspot XT-1, an 850W moving yoke that outputs 20,000 lumens. We looked at the prototype, affectionately referred to as “Frankie.”

The fixture features a CMY color mixing system, with a fixed, variable speed color wheel that holds five colors plus open. Colors are slotted for split effects. Variable CTO can bring color temperature down to approximately 3,200K.

Two rotating gobo wheels are onboard, each with seven indexable patterns plus open. All are litho patterns—a mix of multicolor patterns and stock images. The Gobo Animation feature that was debuted on the Showgun is also in the effects package. A rotating, independent four-facet indexed prism can make use of the Gobo Animation effect and function at variable speeds, as can the swappable animation wheel, which operates independently of other wheels. Of particular interest is a special mode, similar to the 2X mode in the Studio Color 575, that allows users to bring the color wheels in backward to go direct to full saturation and do extremely fast color bumps.

Additional features include a zoom of 5:1, iris, independent soft-edging function, mechanical variable speed strobe, and an electronic strobe. The fixture dims from 100-0% in 10 seconds, and pan and tilt are 540° and 270°, respectively.

Now, for the guts of the unit. Serviceability is a big issue with this fixture, and for our demo, everything we saw was accessed using one screwdriver. Intellaspot XT-T has three cooling systems onboard: one each for the optical system, lamp, and a push-through (exhaust fan). Lenses are all O-ring sealed for extra protection from outside elements, such as fog, but these are removable and not glued. Modular sections slide in and out via guide rails for service. Colors clip in to the fixed color wheel, and gobos are held in with a standard spring system. Click-in bezels on parts of the housing allow easy removal and replacement.

The front panel is operable via a simple battery-mode powered by four AA batteries, so the panel can be powered independently of the fixture, allowing users to set a DMX start address and see the software version without powering the unit. The full menu system is accessible when the fixture is fully powered. In addition, pan and tilt locks now have matching operability as one another. Back panel accessibility includes optional capability for use of wireless systems and Art-Net. The unit, of course, is also RDM-ready.

For loading in and out, two sets of handles aim to make crew life easier. One set of handles has a rotating casing that allows for easy turning over of the unit (it moves with you), and another has a bit more room to avoid grinding knuckles.

The fixture will be available in August, and word is that orders are already being placed. MSRP is $12,650. The official US launch of the Intellaspot XT-1 will take place at the Barco booth at LDI in October.

For a closer look, the company also shared this video intrerview between product manager Brad Schiller and chief technology officer Richard Belliveau with us: