Barco/High End Systems has announced the discontinuation of service for Wholehog 2 consoles. The company released the following statement:

While we have honored the original service agreements since our acquisition of Flying Pig Systems in 1999, we must now announce the discontinuation of our repair service for Wholehog 2 console hardware, effective August 11, 2010.

Despite the outstanding quality of the consoles, eventually with age, the copper traces are subject to corrosion and flexing breakage of the traces. Solder joints become less reliable. Switches have only a limited number of actions. Electronic components have a finite lifetime, and many components of the Wholehog 2 console are no longer available or at end of life. Therefore, it is not feasible to continue repairing the units.

However, to assist customers with upgrading their Wholehog 2 consoles, we have extended our console trade in program through August 31, 2010. Contact your local Barco / HES dealer for full program details and to take advantage of this limited time offer.