Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, the US distributor for Turbosound, is now shipping the Aspect TA-880H three-way mid-high enclosure and complementary TA-880L low-frequency cabinet designed for ground-stacked touring and fixed installation applications. The TA-880 system uses Turbosound's patented Polyhorn™ design to deliver seamless arrayability, very high SPL from small and manageable cabinets, fast and simple rigging, low weight, and convenient truck pack. The partner TA-880L bass enclosure is designed to provide low-frequency support from a compact cabinet.

The TA-880H features Turbosound's Polyhorn technology delivering a phase-coherent wavefront at the horn mouth designed to match the array curvature, plus a sharp cut-off at the pattern edges allowing adjacent cabinets to integrate seamlessly in an array. All drive units are custom designed in-house to further optimize the drive unit/waveguide performance.

The TA-880 system is recommended for touring or corporate applications for which a system of six mid-highs and eight lows would provide high-quality sound reinforcement for up to 3,000 people, provided coverage requirements are met.

A typical ground stack of three trapezoidal TA-880H top cabinets array placed on top of a block of four TA-880L bass cabinets reaches an optimal height from the ground that provides 75° of horizontal dispersion. Similarly, a three-wide flown cluster of TA-880H boxes is ideal for theater-type venues, with bass cabinets ground stacked underneath. The TA-880HM high/mid downfill can be used to good effect giving coverage of both floor and balcony areas from a single cluster.

The rigging system is external to the box. It consists of removable swords, which pass through the box, secured and linked with lynch pins, forming modular clusters to suit the coverage required. Fixed angle flybars are available for two-wide and three-wide configurations. Trapezoidal Aspect cabinets can be fitted with optional wheelboards that attach securely to the front of the cabinet to aid in moving and handling. TA-880L bass cabinets are pre-drilled for optional heavy-duty T-4 wheels.

The TA-880H is designed for use in conjunction with the Turbosound LMS-D6 Loudspeaker Management System. The LMS-D6 contains factory pre-set programs dedicated to Aspect products, as well as most other Turbosound loudspeakers. Current crossover settings can be downloaded from the Turbosound ftp site ( Also check this link for full details on the LMS-D6 controller.

In many situations single units of the TA-880H mid-high can be rigged with eyebolts using the M10 rigging points provided on the top of the cabinet. A further M10 rigging point is provided on the rear of the box as a pullback. Larger systems will require the use of two-wide and three-wide fixed angle bars, together with removable swords as described above.

Model Specifications
TA-880H has a frequency range of 95Hz to 20kHz ±4dB, while TA-880L ranges from 45Hz to 250Hz ±4dB. The maximum SPL for the TA-880H is 140dB cont., 146dB peak; for TA-880L it is 132dB cont., 138dB peak. TA-880H measures 1025mm x 477mm x 463mm and weighs 130 lbs.. The TA-880L measures 795mm x 477mm x 463mm and weighs 100 lbs.

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